2017 CSA

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  1. Wonderful! My son lives in Duvall and his special day is the 8th of June.
    I always made him pies instead of cake cause they are his favorite!

    Once when he was stuck in a hotel, traveling, I had room service send him cherry pie & coffee when he got in after the trade show – he was surprised & the room service guys had fun too! – Karen

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  3. Oh my dear Goddess
    how this touched me on this day
    and your story of the song
    of course
    we have all remembered the songs together in this community
    still remembering…….
    how we heal ourselves..others..mother earth…
    blessings on this high holy day
    Moon Bear

  4. Penny, what a beautiful essay/article. What a moving experience this tour with Dr. McPherson was for all concerned and for you in particular. Thank you for taking the time to write such a moving and informative piece. This is what it takes and I know you are working hard to bring about the awareness and offer the education necessary to help bring about the change we need.

  5. Great work Penny, Roco, Carrie etc. This is what communities all over the US should be doing, and I am very pleased to contribute all the designs that I have for the creation of the world’s first 100% sustainable community to your considerable efforts! We must move very quickly as the wars for control of the world’s remaining petroleum supplies in Iraq and Iran accelerate and lives are lost through our own brutality!
    The world will have to reach 100% sustainability sooner or later, so why not make it sooner right here in TC?

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