Fall 2016 CSA Shares Available!


Join our Fall 2016 CSA: The Fall share is $200 single/$350 full, and will begin on Friday, September 30th through November 18th–an 8 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 10-11th.

We still have lot’s of great food growing in all of our gardens, and in particular at our production garden at Realeyes Homestead, including squash pumpkins, cabbages and lovely kale and brassicas; fall rootS: radishes, turnips, beets, leeks, jerusalem artichokes; freshly planted annual and perennial greens—lettuces, arugula, parsley/cilantro/dill. PLUS, a tradition that Flint and I began a years back of wild-harvesting antique apples, chestnuts, mushrooms, as well as, dried herbs/teas and a special invitation to our annual O’k Art and Crafty Fair in December!

Fall Friday pick-up happening at our DIGs garden-farm site, at 510 Second St., Traverse City.

Join our Fall 2016 CSA now!