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You’re Invited: to join a very O’k Traverse City Urban Garden-Farm CSA!

BECOME a part of our growing garden-farming network in Traverse City: O’k CSA Co–op Share-holders.  This year, we are offering Full shares @ $450 and Half-size shares @ $275 of fresh vegetables, herbs and flower bouquets,  beginning June 15th, through September, with pick-up on Friday’s at our Peace Patch Garden at the corner of 7th & Oak, in Traverse City, Michigan.

Below is a list of our current 2016 garden-farm sites, and also a link to the announcement of the LLOOF work-exchange program which is accepting applications and trains garden-farming interns/students in our cooperative.
2016 O’k CSA Garden-Farm sites:
Cedar Lake East & North Garden-Farms, 12408 West Bay, TC (Beginning to design/layout, prep beds, amend soil)

DIGs, 510 Second St., TC (Our home-base for plants, seedlings and small mostly cold crop beds)

Frida’s Folly, 1120 W. Front St., TC (Mainly onion/garlic and lettuce growing garden-farm)

Little Artshram Teaching Garden,  875 Red Dr. TC (Longtime, wonderful sunny growing space, with perennial herbs & fruit)

Peace Patch, Seventh St., TC (This is our “host” on share-day, and full of brassicas and a variety of veg.)

Levi & Brenda Meeuwenberg, Realeyes Homestead, Traverse City, MI

WELCOME to our new Member/Growers:


Karen Comella, 8th Street, Traverse City, MI

Barb Tholen Small Ax Farm, Cochlin Ave., Traverse City, MI

Julie Hearne & Family Sunshine Farm, 501 Seventh St., TC

Information on the LLOOF (Learning Local on Organic Farms) program–Applications due March 1st:

That’s all for now.

Adios, and see you real soon!

`penny Krebiehl and the 2016 O’k CSA crew, Flint Horton & Lance Masserant

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