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WHY Pie? Part Two,

Pie-making-baking and eating is good and necessary for my well-being for many reasons, and I’ve been sharing my kitchen and baking space with others, trying to spread the Pie Word.

The whole process of making a pie is very theraputic. Whenever I need to ground and comfort myself in my humble home from the wild and crazy outside world, I go to the kitchen and pull out the rolling pin and ingredients, tie on one of my Grandma Crider, or, my other Grandma, Bessie McFadden’s hand-made aprons and begin creating.

I consider pie-making an art-form also. 3-d art made with flour, butter, water, fruit(sometimes), and did I say butter? And when I can get the good fat, ie: lard, yes, it is used and makes the BEST crust……

PLUS, there is something powerful about intentionally making a round food item, that you then slice into, put in front of someone’s face, and share…..Yes, a piece of pie is a magical thing.

The only other wonderful, round food item, that comes quickly to my mind (besides pancakes) that is served in a honorable, ceremonial way is a birthday cake—-and that only happens for us once a year. How minimal! Pie can be made and served anytime, no questions asked, any season of the year. This is just a rough estimate, but I believe that I’ve baked more than 97 pies between the end of May and October 2008. That’s an average of 16 pies a month. I admit, this has been a big pie year for me.

Pie is multi-functional: breakfast (quiche), lunch (pot-pies), dinner (have you ever had Onion Pie?) and of course dessert (Apple pies are my favorite, but I had fun this summer with many different types of Berry pies).

We just had our second Pie Social in TC, at the Harvest Festival at the Community Gardens, and the night before my friend Dan and I put on the aprons, whipped up some pies (seven in all) while Kristyn cheered us on listening to a music video from New Orleans. I came up with a new concotion, which I will share later on, when I try the recipe for a second time—and we named it a “Chumpkin Pie”—-made with 75% dark chocolate, with a nut/seed/cocoa nib topping.

This was Dan’s FIRST pumpkin pie—only the second pie that he has ever made in his life—and so I documented it by taking some photos. (He is wearing his Detroit Tigers baseball cap, and sporting my Grandma Crider’s rosebud, Cinderella apron. You are looking so fine, Dan!)

We’ll post our recipes for Dan’s Pumpkin and my Chumpkin pies later, so check back!