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The mingling betwix Art and Permaculture

O’k Art CSAe was created from a seed planted in 2005 at the Black Mountain Preserve and Retreat Center near Cazdero, CA. I entered into this new cycle of my artist life, as a Permi-Newbi and the adventure continues.

Our aim at O’k CSAe has always been to explore and share the deep connections between art education, practice and holistic, ecological thinking. What can we remember and identify as a magnificent woven web through these processes in nature’s system and our mind-mapping, creative human processes? From both a place of formal, fine art and design study, and permaculture study and design practice, O’k CSAe develops and teaches art and nature awareness based curricula for Little Artshram and offers it throughout the Traverse City and North West Michigan area.

Beyond the services, workshops and courses O’k CSAe offers, and through our partnership with Little Artshram, we are committed to wandering and mingling with aesthetic awareness and artistic process throughout all our programs and activities, and to exploring creative inspiration as it relates to Nature.

To learn more about our contribution to developing a village of educated, practicing Permaculturists in Northern Michigan, check out:

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