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The Good Elephant Ganesha says: Go a little heavy on the whipping cream, with this pie…..

After you VOTE, today’s socio-political-spiritua-pie-baking sharing:

Ganesha, you know the Elephant God—the one who teaches us to balance our mind to be strong enough to handle the tides of our external world and gentle enough to explore the realms of our inner world? His message is: Spiritual perfection comes when we use reason and knowledge to temper our emotions, and cut our attachments so we can be of this world with out being affected by it….

(Well, I’m trying–but I do feel affected and challenged….)

Ganesha’s likeness is rich with symbols, showing us his connection with the material plane and his desire to help us with our day to day concerns. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is prayed to before any venture for success and wisdom. Even though his hands are busy he always has one available to bestow blessings on anyone who asks.

Trying to pick my pie-baking knuckles up off the ground—-it’s been a twisty-turny time of keeping myself steady and my outer and inner worlds in balance—-pie-baking helps—and I’ve about exhausted myself baking a few hundred this year.

My friend Robert would be proud of me, and would have shared a few of these pies with me this year too. Since his death, I’ve been struggling and have to admit it, as I see my family and friends struggle, good people who are trying to do necessary work. Robert was like that, he did SO much volunteering of his time, working to build community in Lansing, and turn things around. He was a trusting and open-hearted man—one of the most beautiful, fine men I’ve met.

In the wake of losing this dear friend to the sick, violence of our world, I’m getting fiesty, and ornery. Tired of being spun around on this wait-and-see, big BS circus wagon when there is SO MUCH work to be done. Fed-up and tired of keeping quiet and minding my manners. Not having enough money to pay basic living expenses, jumping through so many damn hoops to make ends meet that we are dizzy—watching depression and addiction swallow my loved ones and friends.

No one is feeling sorry for themselves, we know we have it good “compared to others” but the struggle and stress and dog-eat-dog, competition has eeked itself into all of our experiences whether we invite it, or want to believe it or not. We are a stressed bunch of people in this so-called free land of ours, and yes we need to create a MAJOR shift.

In terms of this Star-search, or Hero-s journey for a new leader/president….I personally do not believe in a single human being able to fill the roll of “savior”—it goes against my good, woman and girl sense. I would rather consult with a Hindu-Elephant God. And, why would anyone spend so much money marketing themselves when there are hungry people right outside our back doors? I don’t get it….food, or, paid-for advertisements?

Most of our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system.” Dorothy Day, who started the Catholic Worker movement said that. My friend and another good woman, Chris Bernard, one of my spiritual-seeking sisters, gave me that quote on a magnet as a birthday gift a few years ago, and it’s stuck on my refrigerator in my pie-baking kitchen. I believe Dorothy Day, and I would have voted for that woman for president, if she hadn’t been busy trying to figure out how to feed people.

Pardon, the tone of the grand statement that’s about to be written out here, but, I believe that in my lifetime, my work is to help shape, shift and re-create the stinking, out-dated system that we know is a stinking, out-dated, filthy rotten system. And I thank amazing women like Dorothy Day for having the wits and courage to share her opinion, and I’m deeply grateful to my beautiful, smiling face-friend Robert who’s spirit still hangs with the likes of me.

And so, heck ya I’m pretty darn happy with the recipe that the Democratic party has come up with for this year’s presidential pie. Obama. I love the O. I love the ba. And, yes it ends with Ma. Ma-ma.

I’m gonna call him my O-ba-Mama. And I’m going to bake that beautiful black man, with Hussein as his middle name, a chocolate, pumpkin pie, and I’m going to count all the hoops he’s jumped through, to get himself this job and try to muster up some faith and trust, again, like I had when I was a little girl and learned about the beautiful, big-wide world of Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. that was just beyond and on the other side of my all-white, farming life in Laingsburg, or when I began my art-farming work in Lansing and met my beautiful friend Robert Busby…

Chumpkin Pie—or Who put their Pumpkin in my Chocolate, Pie?

Please, make a home-made pie crust of your choice, and remember to consider the absolute, artistic experience of shaping a round object into an edible work of art, and the healing power it contains, while you’re making it.

  • 1 (9 inch) unbaked deep dish pie crust
  • 7 ounces of Grocer’s Daughter 65% dark chocolate chunks ( )
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 glop of yogurt (equal to egg size)
  • 15 ounces of roasted or steamed pumpkin/squash,
  • OR, 1 (15 ounce) can Organic Pumpkin—-
  • 1 (12 fluid ounce) can Organic Evaporated Milk (which you can purchase locally in TC, at Oryana Co-op)
  • optional, Grocer’s Daughter Cocoa Maple Nib mix for sprinkling on top of pie

Directions, as I’ve made them up:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Melt the amazing chocolate with a chunk of butter in a double broiler.
Combine sugar, salt, cardamom in a small bowl. Beat eggs in a large bowl. Put pumpkin, sugar-spice mix and melted chocolate in a blender and whip it good. Stir chumpkin mixture into large bowl with eggs, gradually stirring in evaporated milk. Pour this loveliness into the pie shell.

Bake for 15 minutes at 425, turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake for 40-50 minutes more.

OPTION—-sprinkle the Cocoa Maple Nib mix on the top of pie about 15 minutes before you pull it out of the oven.

Cool the pie on a wire rack (2 hours is a good amount of time), then serve it with heavy whipped cream.

In honor of Dorothy Day’s birthday on November 8, a brave leader O-ba-Mama, and Robert’s mighty strong spirit, I give you this ode to Ganesha the Remover of Obstacles, my pie-prayer of the day:

Om sri ganesha Namaha–
Great Lord of Wisdom,

Here I stand with so many decisions to make,
with so many ways to turn,
I beg your Grace.
Please fill me with righteous judgment

and clear discrimination

as I lay all confusion at your feet
and immerse myself soley in your being.
Om Ganesha Saranam.