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Ode to Growing Squash, Part One

Whew! Just completed our first O’k CSA newsletter of the season and thought we’d share “An Image and An Ode” reflecting upon the up and coming wonderfulness that is mixed in w. a whole lot of garden-farming sweat…along w. a little blurb from the O’k CSA Summer calendar:

Lady Godiva

















Ode To Growing Squash
Part One

The lovely Lady Godiva
Reveals embryonic first leaves,
Unfurling plump, oblong cotyledons
With strong presence and tender heart
She brings a full figure of potential
Alongside of green spiked shoots
Taking the wonder-filled breath of the
Gardener to a place of
Squash dreams.

~ ~ ~`p. o’K

Opportunities abound for interested and friendly folks to join us in the O’k CSA Cooperative gardens:

We’re inviting members and friends to lend their hands and choose 2-shifts (or more)per month. What do you get for this great gift of time and labor? You can take home first hand garden-farm knowledge and fresh, organic food! Your name(s) will be added to the calendar and contact info w. the O’k CSA crew will be shared. PLEASE, SIGN-up via email message in advance (we’d like to have the JULY calendar complete by next week) to find out the weekly/daily tasks and what garden location you’re needed at: [email protected]

Sunday-Thursday(skip Friday/Saturday), we have two, 2-hour shifts,
9-11 am,
and 7-9 pm to water/tend gardens w. an O’k CSA crew member in TC

Friday Pick-up days, we have three, 3-hour volunteer shifts available:
1. Harvest, 8-11 am (LUNCH-BREAK—11-12 noon)
Cleaning/Packing, 12 noon-3 pm,
Set-up/Distribute/Clean-up, 3-6 pm

Saturday is a rest day for humans, plants and soil.

Our garden-farm sites & addresses, in the lovely Traverse City and NW Michigan area:
Cedar Lake East & North Garden-Farms, 12408 West Bay, TC (Beginning to design/layout, prep beds, amend soil)
DIGs, 510 Second St., TC (Our home-base for plants, seedlings and small mostly cold crop beds)
Far Away Garden, @ Baker’s in Marion (BIG space to hopefully grow lotsa’ corn, viney, and root crops)
Frida’s Folly, 1120 W. Front St., TC (Mainly onion/garlic and lettuce growing garden-farm)
Little Artshram Teaching Garden & Cordia Plot, 875 Red Dr. TC (Longtime, wonderful sunny growing space, with perennial herbs and some fruit)
Peace Patch, Seventh St., TC (This is our “host” on share-day, and full of brassicas and a variety of veg.)
Sunshine Farm, 501 Seventh St.,TC (A new garden hosting potatoes, tomatoes and peppers and more.)


To volunteer in our O’k gardens or for more information:

[email protected]