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Fall 2018 O’k CSA Cooperative Share and the Earthwork Harvest Gathering

It’s time to sign up for our Fall 2018 O’k CSA COOPERATIVE food share! The fall share begins Sept. 27th let me (penny) know ASAP.

Two ways to join: give 3 hours per week in hands-in work for half the price or pay the full fee below:

The Fall share is $175 single/$300 full, (1/2 price w. hands-on work is $87.50 or $150)and will begin on Thursday, September 27th through November 8th–this will be a 7 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 8-9th

Step #1: Purchase your membership

Step #2: Join `penny or Flint in the O’k CSA gardens on Thursday and/or Saturday mornings

Step 3#: Bring your harvest basket

Fall Garden Co-op Period
Sept. 27th – November 8, 2018


8:00 – 11:00 AM, Thursdays or Saturdays

We have Three Garden-Farm Locations to tend and harvest from:
At our main production garden @ Levi & Brenda’s, OR @ Kima’s or `penny’s gardens—one week in advance we would post the Hands-on work/harvest garden site/location.

Flint and I will be attending the Earthwork Harvest Gathering next weekend, Sept 21-23, in Lake City, setting up our O’k CSA Cooperative farmer’s market stand. We will be sharing space with Teri from Ziibimijwang Farm.

We will have fresh veggies for weekend snacking, and to make tacos in the Community Kitchen, O’k and Pretty Good Salsa, garlic and other herbs, specialty teas, healing salves made with ingredients from our gardens and even some potted plants and herbs for folks to take home with them!

We will also be participating in the line-up of workshops and panel discussions that are happening in our part of the Harvest Gathering “world” on the north end of the farm property, focusing on Permaculture, Regenerative Ag, Food Justice, Soil health with the Bionutrient Food Association, Bee Keeping, and more. SO many great people coming together to share their passion, knowledge and encouragement to keep on taking care of our selves and our planet home!

Below is a sweet info share giving you a peek into all of the wonderful happenings that are being offered at the Harvest Gathering, including our series at the Farmers” Market.

Tickets for the weekend here:

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Summertime CSA in lovely, downtown Traverse City!

Join a great group of folks who have been learning the ways of growing our own food in a cooperative of downtown Traverse City neighborhood gardens!  Whether you would like to choose a workshare and join us in tending and harvesting—or simply stop by our weekly market stand and pick up your share we are welcoming new members in our 2018 Summer Share season.

Contact us soon!—The Season begins the first week of July!

SUMMER Share (12 weeks, July 5th – September 20th)
$400 Family size, 4 people, All pay, or $200 Work Share (25 hours, reg. scheduled)
$275 Half share, 2 people, All pay, or $137.50 Work Share (25 hours, reg. scheduled)

Includes Salad mix and greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green, yellow and soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil a plethora of herbs, flower bouquets, specialty garden-farm tea-mixes and occasional artwork!

PLUS, we put together fantastic potlucks and are the originators of “The Farmer and The Chef” dinners!  Look for announcements and invitations to join in on these community “foodie” gatherings this summer and fall!

You can read more about us on our Facebook O’K CSA page where post weekly garden-farm news and photos, or at our website where we offer online payment.

STOP BY and visit me at our DIGs Garden-Farm,
Pay online here: or Snail mail your membership payment to:

Penny Krebiehl 510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, MI 49684
Please make checks payable to Penny Krebiehl

THANKS for considering our sweet, little CSA as your source of local, fresh, and organically grown food!

[email protected]

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The Monkey in the Garden and our 2016 O’k CSA Cooperative

The monkey in me, likes to begin the growing season w. fond memories of the fun-fun-fun of the work-work-work of planting and tending a garden and growing food for myself and others!  While I may not be quite this flexible in 2016 as I was back in 2000, we still do our daily yoga in the gardens–once the snow takes leave!

A GREAT way to join in on the fun-work is to support and/or join our Very O’k CSA Cooperative—a community supported group of garden-farms right in the Traverse City–city limits!

And because of all of this monkey-bizness—the first five folks/families that sign up or renew their membership will also receive a “Year of Monkey” calendar that is coming hot of the press this week!

Here’s this year’s CSA Share info for you to consider:
And our on-line sign-up is here:

Questions? You may contact me via email to set up a chat via phone: [email protected]

Below, Chinese brush-sketch of Downward Monkey-Dog, © `penny Krebiehl 2016












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Year of Monkey Yoga 2016 Calendar
























We are pleased to share an illustrated journey of time to enliven the monthly experience of the New Year of 2016:

The Year of the Monkey and Monkey Yoga!

This is a 12 month calendar, which follows along the Chinese New Year tradition with a meaningful mid-western twist of imagination and story-telling.

As an artist, storyteller and seeker of what-when-how and why, I find Monkey to be an entertaining, delightful imagined compañero. I think of the Monkey in this illustrated calendar-story as a “he”—a little brother type companion who sometimes, like the character Hanuman in the Ramayana, is a bit of a forgetful prankster—but also dearly holds the quality of a devoted little furry amigo, comforter, challenger, a special imagined companion.

As we step into another year of work and play, this little Monkey can also keep us moving on a wonderful Yoga path. We’ll learn and relearn together, the relationship and connections of moving our body and minds into a healthy and purifying place of balance. Why not? Monkey Yoga––Yahoo!

Just in time for the Year of Monkey to officially begin on February 8th.

More details about the calendar:

  • A 12 Month Calendar, February 2016-January 2017 ~ With original drawings and inspired messages, offering a way, month to month, through pictures and words of honest, playful and positive guidance by the inspired teachings that link a wise little Monkey friend with the practice of Yoga.
  • Monthly New & Full Moon notations, and NEW this year, Bio-dynamic Sowing & Planting notations
  • Illustrated & created by `penny Krebiehl

A portion of the sales of this calendar will benefit Little Artshram’s Permaculture and Art Education programs in Michigan, specifically an upcoming Permaculture Design Course in Traverse City (More information: 2016 Traverse City Permaculture Design Course).

Click here to head over to the O’k CSA Shop!
Pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!

Click here to head over to the O'k CSA Shop and pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!

Click here to head over to the O’k CSA Shop!
Pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!