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`penny’s O’k Drawing and Illustration On-line Classes, begin January 2021…

I’m going to offer a series of on-line drawing and illustration classes, beginning in January 2021 for two age levels:  Kiddos—6 years and older and Not Kiddos—as in taller, adult age folks.  The class size will be limited to just a few people until I get the hang of doing this kind of online mentoring, and feel confident I’m meeting the needs of the participants.
Registration is OPEN for the first on-line O’k Drawing class of 2021, beginning on Monday,  January 18th, for Kiddos the class will take place from 10 am until 11 am, with a warm-up and cool-down time included; and for Not Kiddos we will be meeting in the evening from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  Each will run as a 4-week session, that you can continue to take, in session-intervals that continue over a period of time in 2021.
Here’s the registration page, just click on which age-level you wish to enroll in:
I will have all of the lessons recorded and also provide session outlines and pdf’s to follow along.  You can take the class for just one or two 4-week sessions, or pop in and out over the year. There will always be a 2-3 week break between sessions, and you won’t miss anything if you are in and out over time.
You are very welcome to come to this class as a new or returning drawing student. You don’t need to have taken a drawing class anywhere else before. I expect I will always have some brand new students in these 4-week sessions, and the classes will always have students with all levels of drawing skills. 
I’m including a bunch of different kinds of drawings and ideas, made with a  variety pens, pencils, watercolor, ink, colored pencil– that I’ve created so you can see some of the everyday things, stories, people and places that happen when I turn to my art language as a conversation.  
I’ll be using skills and techniques I’ve gathered from practicing sloppy-quick-sketching, more detailed pen and ink illustration, graphic recording and storyboarding and even ideas for daily journaling and creating our own comics and caricatures.
I hope this class will bring a little skill-building and a little fun into our wintertime and I’m looking forward to exploring and sharing.
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Year of Monkey Yoga 2016 Calendar
























We are pleased to share an illustrated journey of time to enliven the monthly experience of the New Year of 2016:

The Year of the Monkey and Monkey Yoga!

This is a 12 month calendar, which follows along the Chinese New Year tradition with a meaningful mid-western twist of imagination and story-telling.

As an artist, storyteller and seeker of what-when-how and why, I find Monkey to be an entertaining, delightful imagined compañero. I think of the Monkey in this illustrated calendar-story as a “he”—a little brother type companion who sometimes, like the character Hanuman in the Ramayana, is a bit of a forgetful prankster—but also dearly holds the quality of a devoted little furry amigo, comforter, challenger, a special imagined companion.

As we step into another year of work and play, this little Monkey can also keep us moving on a wonderful Yoga path. We’ll learn and relearn together, the relationship and connections of moving our body and minds into a healthy and purifying place of balance. Why not? Monkey Yoga––Yahoo!

Just in time for the Year of Monkey to officially begin on February 8th.

More details about the calendar:

  • A 12 Month Calendar, February 2016-January 2017 ~ With original drawings and inspired messages, offering a way, month to month, through pictures and words of honest, playful and positive guidance by the inspired teachings that link a wise little Monkey friend with the practice of Yoga.
  • Monthly New & Full Moon notations, and NEW this year, Bio-dynamic Sowing & Planting notations
  • Illustrated & created by `penny Krebiehl

A portion of the sales of this calendar will benefit Little Artshram’s Permaculture and Art Education programs in Michigan, specifically an upcoming Permaculture Design Course in Traverse City (More information: 2016 Traverse City Permaculture Design Course).

Click here to head over to the O’k CSA Shop!
Pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!

Click here to head over to the O'k CSA Shop and pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!

Click here to head over to the O’k CSA Shop!
Pre-order your 2016-2017 Calendar now!