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Sprouting! 2016 O’k CSA Cooperative, share/member/grower offerings

Getting Sprouty

Welcome, again to the 2016 O’k CSA growing season!

It’s time to finalize garden-farm planting charts and seed orders, and begin the $ investing in start-up costs, so please do respond this weekend if you are planning to join our O’k CSA Cooperative again.  Early bird membership fees end on Monday, February 29th! Below are the membership designations.

Here they are–NEW Membership options for 2016:

  • BECOME a O’k CSA Cooperative Member/Grower!  For folks who have been or interested in hosting a garden-farm site, have an option to take on their own garden-growing space if they so wish with a minimal input by myself and the O’k CSA garden-farm interns at the beginning of the season to get you off to a great start.   Member/Growers will tend, gather and deliver their weekly harvest to the Peace Patch garden site on Friday mornings, in exchange for a CSA share box from other member/growers.  Additionally, for Member/Growers, I would offer a consultation for a fee, which would familiarize you w. the garden-farm site’s beds already in production and/or cover a spring consultation and garden bed design plan, also offering an opportunity for you to order plant starts from our stash. Member/Grower fee:  $45, yearly membership, PLUS cost of plant starts and any on-site work.
  • BECOME or continue to be one of our O’k CSA Co–op Share-holders.  This year, we are offering Full shares @ $450 and Half-size shares @ $275 of fresh vegetables, herbs and flower bouquets,  beginning June 15th, through September, with pick-up on Friday’s at our Peace Patch Garden at the corner of 7th & Oak, in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • BECOME a O’k CSA Sponsor and help grow the “green-collar” jobs we offer to youth 18 years and older, by helping to provide an apprenticeship and mentoring relationship with educational opportunities for two positions in the 2016 growing season.  Your support will help cover the registration fees for our CSA crew members to take the upcoming Traverse City Permaculture Design Course.

Please share our good news with others that you think may wish to join us as growers, members or sponsors of our community and neighborhood garden-farming CSA.  Below is a list of our current 2016 garden-farm sites, and also a link to the announcement of the LLOOF work-exchange program which is accepting applications and trains garden-farming interns/students in our cooperative.

2016 O’k CSA Garden-Farm sites in and around Traverse City, Michigan:

Cedar Lake East & North Garden-Farms, 12408 West Bay, TC (Beginning to design/layout, prep beds, amend soil)

DIGs, 510 Second St., TC (Our home-base for plants, seedlings and small mostly cold crop beds)

Frida’s Folly, 1120 W. Front St., TC (Mainly onion/garlic and lettuce growing garden-farm)

Little Artshram Teaching Garden,  875 Red Dr. TC (Longtime, wonderful sunny growing space, with perennial herbs & fruit)

Peace Patch, Seventh St., TC (This is our “host” on share-day, and full of brassicas and a variety of veg.)

The Sunshine Farm, 501 Seventh St.,TC (A new garden hosting potatoes, tomatoes and peppers and more.)

And a warm WELCOME to our new Member/Growers, so far:

Karen Comella, 8th Street, Traverse City, MI
Barb Tholen homestead, Cochlin Ave., Traverse City, MI
Levi & Brenda Meeuwenberg, Realeyes Homestead, Traverse City, MI

And, if extra space is necessary, we may continue growing a few viney crops at our Far Away Garden, @ Baker’s Green Acres in Marion

Information on the LLOOF (Learning Local on Organic Farms) program–Applications due March 1st:

That’s all for now.

Adios, and see you real soon!

`penny Krebiehl

[email protected]