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Sign-up for O’k CSA Cooperative local, seasonal Veg-fruit-herbs!

With the help of a little sun, rain and good earth, we have the privilege of doing beautiful work! We design and plant gardens and share food in our O’k CSA Cooperative and today, at the beginning of February, is a good day to say “Hello” to our seeds and to do our  blessing and thanking of these little, amazing vessels of power! 

We’ve been growing gardens in neighborhood yards and community spaces, and sharing veg, fruit and herbs with friends and families in  Traverse City since July of 2008.  We invite you to celebrate the current “Year of the Chicken with us by joining our CSA-Cooperative by becoming a share member of our Spring Greens Share (9-weeks, Beginning in March 24th-May 19th), and/or our Summer Share (12 weeks, Beginning June 23-Sept. 16th). We have a new system this year, along with the new Spring Greens offering, for the Summer Share, rather than a full and half size share, we are offering a “all-pay” or “work-share”.

On-line sign up is quick and easy here: 2017 O’k CSA Share Options

Here’s the info on our share offerings for 2017:

NEW! Spring Greens (DELAYED—Will begin approx. 2nd week of April, 9-weeks) $100 for season. Produce includes: salad mix, spinach, and cooking greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards) and herbs

Summer CSA ( 12 weeks, June 23-Sept. 16th) $400-All Pay, or $200-Work-Share for season. Produce includes: Perennial and Annual veg-fruit and herbs, salad mix and greens, cooking greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards), carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green/yellow beans, soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil, herbs, flowers and more!

The aim of O’k CSA is to explore and have fun sharing connections between art education, and the practice of ecological design and thinking. We are focused on creatively and intelligently, designing ways to live wisely and well, and that means not just learning the “HOW-to’s”, but also what it takes and then the doing of it. We honor the earth and have great passion for teaching, learning, experiencing, art, community garden-farming and ecological education. Since 2008, we have been building a community network of garden-farms in Traverse City, empowering folks and whole neighborhoods to grow food not lawns, with an emphasis on soil not oil (As in what we use and care for in order to grow our food).

O’k CSA’s garden-farms in Traverse City, Michigan, are located in and around the Central School neighborhood, and at Realeyes Homestead, w. 7 active garden-farm sites (approx. 2500 sq. ft of growing space) spread out within a 3-5 mile radius—-most are within a 5-20 minute bike ride, on the Tart Trail, depending on traffic on Front Street and Hwy. 31.

Our primary goal is to GROW healthy, nutritious food nine months of the year in our temperate climate zone next to Lake Michigan; and to produce healthy, nutritional food to eat alongside of educational opportunities—developing permaculture and garden-farming skill-sets for others while we also utilize and benefit from those skills ourselves.

This includes applying hands-on learning experiences at our “garden-farm, land-share” sites where we not only re-learn and live our connection to nature, but also learn where our food comes from, how we grow it, harvest it and just what it REALLY means to feed ourselves and our families.

This year in addition to selling our CSA shares, we are working to raise funds to put in a small orchard, install drip irrigation systems in all the garden-farm sites, improve, feed and monitor soil and plant health, build a greenhouse and work-station/tool/supply building where we can also hold small classes and prep our CSA shares.

We are devoted to doing our very best which means giving VERY O’k and MORE THAN Pretty Good service. Plus, we love what we do.

Sign-up online here:  O’k CSA Share Options

[email protected]

Sandy and Doug, 2016 CSA




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These two wanna feed You! Farmer & Chef Dinner Wednesday, Oct. 14th in TC

The Farmer & The Chef Dinner, No. 2

Hosted By The Blk\Mrkt Coffee & Eatery
144 Hall St., Traverse City, MI 49684

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015, 6:00 pm

A special evening of fresh, local food, grown by O’k CSA Cooperative, and prepared by a local Chef!

  • Limited to 25 guests
  • Family style service
  • BYOD & T (Drink and Tableservice)
  • $35.00 per person

Advance Reservations, by calling:  248-565-6494

With grateful thanks to our hosts, the Farmer and Chef Dinners are brought to you by,

Chef Ali Lopez,

and, Art-Farmer, Penny Krebiehl,

11949305_10156063304295455_2726919163323990872_nPreview of “No. 2 FARMER AND CHEF Dinner Poster Final”








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O’k CSA Harvest Potluck, Sept. 25th in Traverse City, MI

Preview of “O'k CSA Fall 2015 Harvest Potluck”

O’k CSA Cooperative is celebrating with great thanks our 2015 garden-farm growing places: The Little Artshram Teaching Garden at the TC Community Garden, and the Sunshine Farm, our Faraway Garden at Bakers Green Acres, Frida’s Folly, The DIGs Nursery Garden & Alley Beds, and Little Bird Farm. Next year we will be welcoming additional growing places at The Cedar Lake Gardens, and Realeyes Homestead, bringing our model of a land-share cooperative and “growing food in yards” to a total of 10 garden-farm sites–approx. 3000 sq ft. of growing space.  We are ever so grateful!

Join us for food and friendly conversations

at The Sunshine Farm,

501 Seventh St., Traverse City, MI,

this Friday, September 25th, @ 6:30 pm!
ALSO—to keep the CSA + A (Ag & Art) moving along we will also have this year’s featured “garden-farm art” available for sale.  The “Hand-print Series” pictured below was created by O’k CSA Garden-farmer, Penny Krebiehl (that’s me!) and represents the idea that our hands are indeed connected to the soil and the food we eat. Hand-print series, each © `penny Krebiehl 2015 11 X 17 “, color print on ivory card stock.

For more info:

O’k CSA Cooperative

[email protected]




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KALE YES! That’s the O’k way it is…Kale every week, forever. It grows good, and is good for you. So learn all about it, love it, and eat it up!

Week #2, Friday July 11th, 4-6 pm is our O’k CSA share pick-up, and brings us to and thru (almost) a wacky week of booming and blooming, the gardens are beginning to kick-in and amp up their growing cycle, despite some very cool nights.

The National Cherry Fest is nearing it’s end….and although there is gratitude for what it may bring in so far as economy to our home-place, it wears on our garden-farming nerves—in terms of getting around to our various garden sites!

Another request to check out our Hands-on garden-help calendar and sign up for a shift or two—especially in this HOT month that begins now—and runs thru mid-August. Developing a relationship by learning hands-on how we’ve planted the beds in our urban-neighborhood gardens and learning the technique of hand-watering the plants that are producing our good food, is a way to understand and appreciate what they offer even more. At least we think so, and would like to give you an opportunity as well.

O’k, this week we are sharing:

a bunch of beauteous Green Onions
Arugula, arugula, arugula!
Snow Peas
Salad greens
a sampling of Red Currants
a lovely Lavender Bundle
and a Flower and Herb Bouquet
SPECIAL this week will be a sample of delightful and yummy handmade/home-made popsicles. Get ready for an amazing new, experience!

Recipes to accompany this week’s share will be posted on our website, SOON.

Adios and see you real soon!

`penny Krebiehl

Flint Horton & Blase Masserant



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Ode to Growing Squash, Part One

Whew! Just completed our first O’k CSA newsletter of the season and thought we’d share “An Image and An Ode” reflecting upon the up and coming wonderfulness that is mixed in w. a whole lot of garden-farming sweat…along w. a little blurb from the O’k CSA Summer calendar:

Lady Godiva

















Ode To Growing Squash
Part One

The lovely Lady Godiva
Reveals embryonic first leaves,
Unfurling plump, oblong cotyledons
With strong presence and tender heart
She brings a full figure of potential
Alongside of green spiked shoots
Taking the wonder-filled breath of the
Gardener to a place of
Squash dreams.

~ ~ ~`p. o’K

Opportunities abound for interested and friendly folks to join us in the O’k CSA Cooperative gardens:

We’re inviting members and friends to lend their hands and choose 2-shifts (or more)per month. What do you get for this great gift of time and labor? You can take home first hand garden-farm knowledge and fresh, organic food! Your name(s) will be added to the calendar and contact info w. the O’k CSA crew will be shared. PLEASE, SIGN-up via email message in advance (we’d like to have the JULY calendar complete by next week) to find out the weekly/daily tasks and what garden location you’re needed at: [email protected]

Sunday-Thursday(skip Friday/Saturday), we have two, 2-hour shifts,
9-11 am,
and 7-9 pm to water/tend gardens w. an O’k CSA crew member in TC

Friday Pick-up days, we have three, 3-hour volunteer shifts available:
1. Harvest, 8-11 am (LUNCH-BREAK—11-12 noon)
Cleaning/Packing, 12 noon-3 pm,
Set-up/Distribute/Clean-up, 3-6 pm

Saturday is a rest day for humans, plants and soil.

Our garden-farm sites & addresses, in the lovely Traverse City and NW Michigan area:
Cedar Lake East & North Garden-Farms, 12408 West Bay, TC (Beginning to design/layout, prep beds, amend soil)
DIGs, 510 Second St., TC (Our home-base for plants, seedlings and small mostly cold crop beds)
Far Away Garden, @ Baker’s in Marion (BIG space to hopefully grow lotsa’ corn, viney, and root crops)
Frida’s Folly, 1120 W. Front St., TC (Mainly onion/garlic and lettuce growing garden-farm)
Little Artshram Teaching Garden & Cordia Plot, 875 Red Dr. TC (Longtime, wonderful sunny growing space, with perennial herbs and some fruit)
Peace Patch, Seventh St., TC (This is our “host” on share-day, and full of brassicas and a variety of veg.)
Sunshine Farm, 501 Seventh St.,TC (A new garden hosting potatoes, tomatoes and peppers and more.)


To volunteer in our O’k gardens or for more information:

[email protected]