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Fall 2018 O’k CSA Cooperative Share and the Earthwork Harvest Gathering

It’s time to sign up for our Fall 2018 O’k CSA COOPERATIVE food share! The fall share begins Sept. 27th let me (penny) know ASAP.

Two ways to join: give 3 hours per week in hands-in work for half the price or pay the full fee below:

The Fall share is $175 single/$300 full, (1/2 price w. hands-on work is $87.50 or $150)and will begin on Thursday, September 27th through November 8th–this will be a 7 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 8-9th

Step #1: Purchase your membership

Step #2: Join `penny or Flint in the O’k CSA gardens on Thursday and/or Saturday mornings

Step 3#: Bring your harvest basket

Fall Garden Co-op Period
Sept. 27th – November 8, 2018


8:00 – 11:00 AM, Thursdays or Saturdays

We have Three Garden-Farm Locations to tend and harvest from:
At our main production garden @ Levi & Brenda’s, OR @ Kima’s or `penny’s gardens—one week in advance we would post the Hands-on work/harvest garden site/location.

Flint and I will be attending the Earthwork Harvest Gathering next weekend, Sept 21-23, in Lake City, setting up our O’k CSA Cooperative farmer’s market stand. We will be sharing space with Teri from Ziibimijwang Farm.

We will have fresh veggies for weekend snacking, and to make tacos in the Community Kitchen, O’k and Pretty Good Salsa, garlic and other herbs, specialty teas, healing salves made with ingredients from our gardens and even some potted plants and herbs for folks to take home with them!

We will also be participating in the line-up of workshops and panel discussions that are happening in our part of the Harvest Gathering “world” on the north end of the farm property, focusing on Permaculture, Regenerative Ag, Food Justice, Soil health with the Bionutrient Food Association, Bee Keeping, and more. SO many great people coming together to share their passion, knowledge and encouragement to keep on taking care of our selves and our planet home!

Below is a sweet info share giving you a peek into all of the wonderful happenings that are being offered at the Harvest Gathering, including our series at the Farmers” Market.

Tickets for the weekend here:

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O’k CSA Cooperative, 2017 Fall Share Sign-up….

We still have lot’s of great food growing in our gardens, with a lot more succession planning/planting taking place out at our larger production garden at Realeyes Homestead. Greens, Roots, Squash & Pumpkins—along w. other O’k garden-farm-art perks. We have fun and it’s Very O’k! Please check out our Fall Share offering, details in the photo.

The Fall share is $200 single/$350 full, and will begin on Friday, October 6th through November 17th–this will be a 7 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 9-10th.

Come on and join our nifty-neato and O’k CSA!

`penny Krebiehl
[email protected]