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Sunday morning, after a good storm, coffee and write this out…

Let me (pre-poem)

Yesterday was a day of love
And so is today.

Where is my friend Rumi now?
jumping in the ocean
cruising on a train
heading out to sea
can we move off the edge
of this cooking pot
and sing a poem
a moment of musing
and wandering through these fuzzy edges?

The Work of Joining Dreams

Skimming a few feet above the surface of the earth
flying with an accurate aim, like an arrow
towards my daughter who had wandered
into a harmful place
my son by our side,
responding to his sister’s need.

Not captured,
not held back
we are able to swiftly transport
ourselves to this call.

In these moments of doing,
we question, can we, and how?

Answers swim, sometimes like a dog-paddler,
meandering sets our teeth on edge when the cry is a shout,
but here we are, mere mortals afterall,
filled with sincere love,
casting aside the anchor of shame,
and we do what we can.

Crawl over near me
as I sit so rabbit still,
wondering, feeling, holding,
and I stop to let my breath out,
because you have
brought yourself right-here, right now.

And there is a joining of movement
a fraction of a moment
when the mind releases us
from impossibility,
My body lifts, skimming the surface,
and your’s moves westward, one step at a time.

Your hand, is everyone’s hand offering.
Your weary face, a beautiful, honest orb
reflects everyone’s determined face.