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SPRINGtime Greens Share!

O’k CSA Cooperative 2020 Shares for Spring and Summer are back! We invite you to sign up for our Spring and Summer shares. This year we are offering a discounted fee for early signup of both the Spring and Summer shares, a sliding scale this year with consideration that the times are tough:

Please help us spread the word and invite a few more friends and families to join our food growing and garden-farming cooperative!

We invite you to join our wonderful Traverse City O’k CSA Cooperative

Choose one, or both:

SPRING Greens up until Solstice! (7 weeks, May 8th -June 20th) $125-200 Sliding scale for season.
Includes: salad mix, spinach, cooking greens, herbs, wild greens, Spring flower bouquets (Swiss chard, kale, bok choi, asian & mustard greens, spring herbs and flowers)

SUMMER Share (10 weeks, June 29th – September 4th)
$400-450 Sliding Scale, Family size, 4 people
$275-325 Sliding Scale, Half share, 2 people

Includes Salad mix and greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green, yellow and soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil a plethora of herbs, flower bouquets, specialty garden-farm tea-mixes and occasional artwork!

Sign-up for both now, and take $25 off the total cost!
DEADLINE For Earlybird 2020 Memberships is March 17th.

You can read more about us on our Facebook O’K CSA page where post weekly garden-farm news and photos, or at our website where we offer online payment.

STOP BY and visit me at our DIG-it Peace Patch Garden-Farm,
On-line payment will be up soon—or drop off/Snail mail your membership payment to:

Penny Krebiehl 510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, MI 49684
Please make checks payable to Penny Krebiehl

Despite any challenges we are experiencing I hope you are able to enjoy the changing of the seasons!

[email protected]