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Special delivery!! Cherry, Mulberry & Black Raspberry going to Duvall, Washington

My first special, fat-pie delivery is baking in the oven and later today will be boxed up and shipped 3000 miles across the country to my dear-heart friend and bike-rider, Matt.

All along on his journey–which began here in Traverse City, on June 5th, I promised him a pie when he got where he needed to be and had a mailing address…. a supportive form of encouragement to keep him pedaling on.

I’d planned on sending him one while he was heading across Montana, tangling with the wind, across the Great Plains of North Dakota. He may have been on the verge of giving me a mailing address, when he began with this description, “Penny, I’m standing on the edge of a canyon, there’s sheep all around me and I’m looking at the Rocky Mountains…..” Then his phone went dead. I didn’t hear from him for almost two weeks!

During that time, I baked a few pies for our weekly Farmer’s Market and was keeping myself busy in our Teaching and Market gardens, and with the Art-Farm camps. Almost every evening I’d pedal my bike across town to a wild, urban place where I discovered a nice patch of black raspberries. I harvested LOT’S over the course of two weeks, and packed them away in my freezer.

I also harvested a bunch of mulberries, which grow abundantly in many places around TC, with a particularly wonderful tree near McGoughs’ Feed Store and Oryana Co-op. I discovered a GIANT Mulberry tree down the alley from my house–something I walk or ride my bike under almost every day. It’s a little tricky to pick from, because the city keeps it trimmed high….but there was no missing it as the berries became ripe and dropped down all over the street.

Matt arrived in Washington state a week or so back, and with a mailing address in Duvall, WA, now it’s time to test out the mail-ability of my good, fat-pie and celebrate his strong legs and amazing accomplishment. I’m packing up a 10 inch, organic cherry, & hand-picked mulberry and black raspberry fat-pie today.