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Since December, I’ve been re-viewing the i don’t know…

… and, part of my three month winter hibernation has been immersing myself in that re-invention, re-engineering, re-visiting place of what i’m doing and why and where.

The re-s are really big, including re-pair….this repair manifesto was on another blog called the re-play-ground, and i thought i’d spend a little time in my pre-earth day re-entry time of parade build and permaculture tea-times checking it out.
Up for other re-view, re-engineering and re-wiring:
  • my Little Artshram summer-work schedule
  • my home-place
  • my work-place
  • my precious time spent in meetings, meetings, meetings…..
  • my non-profit, no-profit bankrupt career
  • my true need to make art
  • my true need to wander in the woods
  • my way of annual and/or perennial gardening
  • my energy and intentions of being a mentor and teacher
  • my cranky shoulders, numb buttocks and achey back from computer company
I’m in agreement here:  
Stop recycling and start repairing.  
Well, okay then.