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Sharing the Drawing-Love, Offering in 2021, a 3-part series of classes…

I’m offering a series of drawing and illustration classes, infused with inspiration from many of my early in life teachers and mentors, and recently with permaculture design and understanding ways to live well and sustainably on our planet home.  I’m feeling confident that this will be a remarkable and worthwhile endeavor for me, and hopefully for anyone joining me on this creative adventure!

First session begins in January 2021, and will continue through May, with a few weeks off to wander and digest your experiences.  I’ll post a few intro storytelling lessons for the rest of this cranky and challenging 2020 year—to begin to lean into a new kind of story and creation for the New Year!

Nature is our Teacher: Draw and share… 

In permaculture design teachings, the principle of observing and replicating patterns in nature made sense and attracted my artist-made line language. This earth turtle drawing represents a pattern of packing and cracking–shapes of polygons and nets.  

The purpose and function: Three-way joints with shared partitions minimize surface area required to enclose the same amount of volume. This shape saves space, material, energy, and creates the shortest path (besides a line); it also provides a rigid structure.  

Examples in Nature, besides turtle shells: soap bubbles, ice crystals, honeycombs, corn kernels, snakeskin scales, basalt columns, cilia struts, bird bones, a network of veins in plants.

Associated mathematical terms: hexagon: 120-degree angles
Examples in garden and permaculture design: hexagonal spacing of plants in Biodynamic systems: triangular spacing of seeds or plants; storage.

Here’s a brief overview of the focus/lessons: Experimenting and doodling with new tools and supplies…Understanding perception of contour lines…Seeing the shape of an object and relationships…Understanding the perception of positive and negative….Looking at 1-2-3 dimension, horizon lines and overlapping in landscape…Perspective in portraits–understanding 3/4, front and profile view…Experimenting with texture, technique, light and shadow….

A few of the many ways we may draw and illustrate: Sketching, doodling, brainstorming, learning line families and techniques, storyboarding, comics and caricatures, graphic recording and….

Materials and supplies we will experiment and practice with: Pencils! HB, 4B, 2B, Non-toxic markers, Colored pencils, Watercolors, Tracing paper, Drawing paper, Kneaded eraser… 

What we will be drawing and illustrating: Everyday things, stories, people–portraits and caricatures, places–landscapes, things–still-life, and more…What do you want to draw and illustrate? Bring your ideas and inspirations.

These 4-week classes will continue!

Session 1: January 18, 25th, Feb. 1, 8th

Session 2: March 1, 8, 15 and 22

Session 3: April 12, 19, 26 and May 3rd

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