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Rosalina allows us to “consider” the Bunny year….

Dear O’k CSAe Shareholders, and, Welcome to our new O’k CSAe members,

As my Year of the Cat friend and muse, Rosalina Falling Star suggested, the past twelve months have been a time FULL of eye-opening experiences, and this O’k artist, is grateful for the observational sharings that Cat has encouraged me to accept.

My O’k art life and creative output took a turn this year beginning with; the cat calendar and card art, to the monthly shares coming to you in the form of several pages from the Year of Cat graphic novelette through March and April. Then, the monthly shares were re-routed to the “e” part of the O’k CSAe, with an invitation to join in on the “Introduction to Permaculture” Series. This was an offering for you to attend, in a community sharing of C.S. Articulture Social and Educational gatherings.

At the close of this season, and beginning of a new, in addition to a couple dozen pages of the graphic novelette that I’ve been holding back, what is also being readied for several of you lovely O’k shareholders, is the “promised” birthday Fat-Pie, or tarts of your choice: apple or berry. AND, in a just a few days, you can pick up your promised pie, attend yet another articulture, social and educational gathering, which will inform you of the next round of educational gatherings with Little Artshram.

Please consider renewing your O’k CSAe membership for the upcoming Year of Rabbit (or could be referred to as Bunny Year) and join us at the….Permaculture Pie-Social, Sunday, Nov. 14th @ the Traverse City Senior Center, from 1-4 PM, celebrating the beginning of another O’k CSAe Year and, supporting my teaching in the upcoming Permaculture Design Course.

If you are not able to attend this upcoming Pie Social, don’t worry there will be another one to celebrate the “official” beginning of the Bunny Year, on Feb. 12th, 2011.

I have a feeling this will be an abundant-bunnied year of pie-socials!

Contact me at the email address below for a Bunny-Year O’k CSAe sign-up form, and I will also send separately another section of pages from the Year of Cat graphic novelette.

Thanks, very, very much for entertaining my artistic attempts to release “stuff”!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

`penny O’k Krebiehl

[email protected]