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O’k Design and Graphic Facilitation & Recording














This time of year, while the gardens are still keeping me busy, I send out a little reminder about what I do once the white stuff starts falling….I’m pleased to share information with you about my other life as a artist/designer/illustrator and my Graphic Facilitation and Visual Recording Services. Through the language of lines I create charts, graphs and maps: a form of visual note-taking.

My drawing service provides:

~ Exercises for your brain! Which will improve understanding of what you wish to learn/design/implement—connecting verbal to visual material.

~ Helps you understand difficult terms/concepts better and filter out un-important details.

~ Directs and organizes the flow and relationships of shared discussions, new skills, and lessons you are trying to learn.

~ Visual note-taking and recording organizes thoughts, spots trends, illustrates patterns and allows you to see a natural picture of data you need to examine.

FOR INFORMATION on bringing my drawing services and visual note-taking to your meeting, discussion or conference contact:

[email protected]