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O’k CSA News: Permanent + Culture = Permaculture

“Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle … a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl. And the anticipation nurtures our dream.”

~Barbara Winkler

Permanent + Culture = Permaculture

Permaculture is not just about gardening, but that IS a natural place to begin to understand permaculture as: a design protocol. It is way of thinking about design problems that guide and orders our decision making. The term Permaculture was ‘coined’ as a collaboration between Bill Mollison and his student, David Holmngren and was first expressed globally through the 1978 book, Permaculture One.

Permaculture is an applied systems-based science and art, combining Appropriate Technology, Green Architecture, Natural Building, Renewable Energy, Alternative Waste Management, Organic Agriculture, Edible Forest Gardening, Nature Awareness, and more. The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) we are offering, will provide a holistic, intentional framework for creating community resiliency.

In our post-industrial age of Global Climate Change, Peak Oil, Nature Deficit-Disorder, and Financial Collapse, Permaculture has been gaining recognition, as a foundation of sustainable design and a joyous, community building solution to creatively, re-connect as a part of “nature learning, not separated”.

Throughout our Great Lake State, in all of our communities, we feel that everyone has a need and wants ecological design information, ideas, skills, and perhaps most important of all, empowering and paradigm-shifting experiences. The demand for Permaculture has rapidly increased during the last few years, yet we have had far too few opportunities to study, practice and implement these ideas.

So, let’s do this EPIC work! Consider taking any of the exciting and meaningful, upcoming 72-hour PDC certification courses in Cadillac, Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City and a few other Michigan locations, where together, we will apply classroom experience and hands-on practical activities, and keep working toward the change we wish to be.

Who will benefit from a Permaculture Design Course?

-Renters & Homeowners: Learn simple steps to improve your home ecosystem while saving money, resources, and building a healthy habitat.
-Experienced or Beginning Farmers and Gardeners: Expand your awareness of ‘gardening like a forest’ and the value of perennial vegetable and herb production.
-Planners & Managers: Learn how to integrate sustainable design methodologies into the planning process using a multi-disciplinary approach.
-Municipal, State & Federal Employees: Improve work efficiency and public service via creative land, water, and air resource management techniques.
-Twenty-year-olds that are choosing NOT to take on college debt: Learn life-affirming, basic skills, that can be applied to any entrepreneurial career you dream up
-Building Design & Construction Professionals: Learn practical natural building systems, and how to integrate land-use design into the built environment.
-Landscape Architects & Gardeners: Learn sustainable landscaping techniques focused on functional, edible, and economic plants, the creation of micro-climates for extended growing seasons, and rainwater harvesting.
-Non-profit & Community Leaders: Integrate ecological design, professional networking, and social marketing approaches to advance your programs.
-Entrepreneurs: Explore how ecological models can be used to design, develop, implement, and manage a sustainable business venture.
-Regular Folks like us: Integrate ecological systems design and social/environmental change practices into your powered down life.

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“We are just going to rethink how we participate on this planet.”