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O’k CSA Cooperative: Keep On Trucking, Fall Shares for an O’k cause…

We need to Keep On Trucking—and could use a little help….

I used to ride my bike and pull a cart full of veg around, but my good ole’ body said “take a break, lady”….SO I bought a stick-shift, Ford Ranger from a good friend and have been grateful that I finally learned how-to drive it!

My good ‘ole green jalopy, “Verde” is heading into the shop next week and our fall share sales or a donation of $, will support it’s necessary epic repairs!

Kindly requesting friends and families of our CSA to lean in w. a little help:

Join our Fall 2016 CSA: The Fall share is $200 single/$350 full, and will begin on Friday, September 30th through November 18th–an 8 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 11-12th. Friday pick-up happening at our DIGs garden-farm site, at 510 Second St., Traverse City.

OR, give a donation in any amount, and receive a signed, original print of, “Veg and Fruit Marathon” (pictured below).

Thanks for considering to support our very good and O’k CSA Cooperative!

Penny Krebiehl
[email protected]