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O’k CSA Cooperative Fall/Early Winter Share 2014

Our O’k CSA Cooperative summer season just ended last weekend, with a great potluck hosted by the Desmond Hearne family on Seventh St.  The table was laden with a plethora of good, fresh veggies and wonderful food prepared by many of our share-member families.  Pictured above is part of the CSA families and friends that joined us for a wonderful evening.  Special thanks to our hosts, Matt, Julie, McClean, Lucy and Molly and to our land-share owners for hosting our garden-farm sites:  Keith, Kima, Glenn and Gary and the Bakers.  Many thanks for a great summer where we learned a whole lot more about dealing with erratic weather changes, hungry squirrels and rabbits, care-taking the soil and working towards growing more nutrient dense food for our members.

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a 7 week Late Fall/Early Winter share, from Oct 11th until Mid-December (Skipping a few weeks in mid-November, because of my traveling/teaching out of town). The pick-up will be at the  O’k Art Studio in the Alley, behind 514 Second Street, Traverse City.

Who would like to join us, and/or extend their season?

Pictured below w. the potluck invite is a photo of one of last year’s weekly Fall shares.

We need a final Fall CSA head/belly count by October 7th, so we can contact our CSA cooperative farm partners, as well.

Cost of the Fall share will be the same as a summer share $200 (single) for 2 people and $350 (family) for 4 people. The cost takes into account the cost per pound of heavier root veg and also more of a fair market value for the original art/crafts and other goodies.  Our focus will be on late-season crops, soup beans and root veg, dried herbs and teas, along with some perennial crops like: mushrooms, apples, chestnuts, jerusalem artichoke, and include an art/craft share also.

You can sign up and pay for your Fall/Early Winter share online at this link:

OR by contacting:

`penny Krebiehl

[email protected]