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2021 O’k CSA Cooperative accepting new members

Our Traverse City based CSA Cooperative grows fresh, organic vegetables, medicinal herbs and flowers on neighborhood gardens and offers both a Spring and Summer share. In addition to good, nutritious garden fresh produce we also include lovely flower bouquets and artwork and garden crafts.

We are doing everything we can to contribute to our community and make sure you can get good fresh, organic food this growing season. In addition to our regular Spring and Summer share offerings, we will begin sharing seeds in April and seedlings in May at our Second Street location. We want to encourage people to grow their own food and contribute to our neighborhood garden-farming and food-shed efforts to feed the people nutritious, healthy organic food.

We had a tough year last year adjusting to the pandemic constraints and missed our in-person connections and potlucks, but we persevered and shared our garden goods throughout the season. We look forward to doing the same this year, following careful protocols to keep our families and garden-farmers healthy and safe. We are also taking into consideration that the times continue to be tough economically, and so offering our shares at a discount from last year and well below average cost of organically grown vegetables and food.

We invite you to join our wonderful Traverse City O’k CSA Cooperative. Become a 2021 share member! Online registration and payment is easy.

You can choose your membership and register here:

Choose one, or both:

SPRING Greens up until Solstice! (7 weeks, Start-up will be at the end of April, beginning of May-June)

  • Includes: salad mix, spinach, cooking greens, herbs, wild greens, Spring flower bouquets (Swiss chard, kale, bok choy, asian & mustard greens) spring herbs, tea blends and art-cards/prints
  • Spring Greens Membership Fee: $100

SUMMER Share (Begins the week after Solstice, lasts through end of September)

  • Includes Salad mix and greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green, yellow and soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil a plethora of herbs, flower bouquets, specialty garden-farm tea-mixes and occasional artwork!
  • Full Summer Share (Family size, 4 People) Fee: $300
  • Half Summer Share (2 People) Fee: $175

Sign-up for both and receive a thank you tin of our hand-crafted “Stay Calm and Heal Tea”. This particular tea was specially crafted to help aid our respiratory health in these pandemic times, and it’s a delicious warming blend, perfect for these chilly months of winter that will be with us for several weeks yet!

Interested in learning about permaculture and garden-farm design in 2021? Ask me about upcoming with 4-week classes focusing on growing your food while combining perennials in your annual gardens with polyculture design. Interested in delving deeper? Consider taking an on-line Online Double-Certificate Permaculture Design Course, that I will be co-teaching in a Working with Children and Youth module.

Choose your membership and register here: