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Month of March Drawing + Illustration classes for the People (Big and Little)

HELLO—and from a place in the big wide, full-moon world here in Michigan, we are enjoying a very sunny Saturday afternoon. Any of you bigger humans wish to join a very O’k drawing and illustration class through the Month of March?

FOR the BIG people, we will begin meeting Monday March 1st, 6-7 PM EST, including some follow-up video lessons, interesting articles, photos and maybe a few pages from my drawing journal. You will receive a weekly email, with Zoom link info, the class content—which is subject to being tweaked, as I get into the groove and also understand more about where you are with your interest/goals/skill-levels.

Each week will follow this schedule: Intro and Welcome, Review and reconnect/share any work, Lesson + Warm-up, Practice & Q+A.

Week #1 will delve deeper into a focus on Patterns in Nature and specifically this first week: Supplies and Material demo/practice, Intro to 5 Perception Skills and Elements of Art + Design, Line Language + Contour Drawing

You’ll be asked to create a daily drawing practice and keep a drawing journal (for drawing/sketching and note-taking to your dear self). To support you, I will offer up some in-between drawing exercises, design thinking and perception challenges for you to try out.

We hope to inspire you and get you drawing every day and to keep you excited and interested enough to keep at it throughout the weeks we are meeting and beyond….Our goal is to become practitioners of drawing and developing line languages that make meaning and sense to each of us. We will also have convos about and develop “seeing skills” or perceptual learning–skills routinely practiced: perceiving edges, spaces, relationships, light and shadow and what it is when “all of that becomes a whole”.

This four-week session, will inspire returning students from our winter drawing session, to bring into our design and composition skill set the fine art of visual recording that I use as a graphic recorder and storyteller. Each class builds upon the previous and leads into new drawing and illustrating adventures!

I’ll share a few stories, including that I consider myself a beginner on a search and find, who’s wandered into becoming a life-long draw-er, and believe we can all develop drawing and art-making skills.

Here’s a brief list of what supplies you can start rounding up: Pencils! HB, 4B, 2B, Drawing Pens–various nib sizes (I like: .25mm, .35mm, and .45mm)Non-toxic markers, Colored pencils, Watercolors, brushesTracing paper, Drawing paper, Pink Pearl and Kneaded erasersDrawing journal: I use a small 5.5 x 8.5 made by Grumbacher w. medium texture for both wet and dry media.Also, a stack of copy paper and a tracing paper pad may be useful.

Who wants to join a drawing class for the Month of March? This one is for kiddos.…Next sessions begin on Monday morning, March 1st at 10 AM. We’ll be picking up where we left off, practicing observation, awareness and perception along with building our visual skills of drawing and composition.These four weeks we will be drawing from life, looking in the mirror at our facial features and expressions, taking a “stick-man” and bringing him to life, checking out the skeleton and anatomy of humans and other animals, and continuing to draw from nature to make real scenes from our real-time adventures in the outside world!We’ll explore how to set up a simple storyboard and if interested we will head into the beginnings of how-to make comics–single panels and strip cartoons.

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