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Love and Ate….Veg and Art for You and Yours

Hello friends of O’k CSA Cooperative,

It’s time to get our final numbers together for the 2017 Spring and Summer CSA shares! Cut off date for registration is coming up, February 28, 2017.

It’s also time for me to come out of Gramma-land (for a minute) and Winter-Studio hibernation to pay rent for O’k CSA’s headquarters on Second St., make final seed orders and get the ole’ farm truck insurance paid.

BIG news is that this winter, I’ve been working to complete a whole BIG bunch of garden-farming work in my studio: a series of garden-farming and permaculture inspired story books and curriculum guides for little and big people. This work has been on my drawing board in one form or another for several years, and this winter w. my downstate travel to tend to my daughter, Allison’s needs and my grand.babe, Josie, I was able to take it along and delve deeper into that work. I’m excited to share this w. you all as a part of the 2017 seasons’ “art-share”! I’ll keep you posted on the (cross my fingers) printing/publication dates!

Here’s the info on our share offerings for 2017:

NEW! Spring Greens (9-weeks, March 24th-May 19th) $100 for season. Produce includes: salad mix, spinach, and cooking greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards) and herbs

Summer CSA ( 12 weeks, June 23-Sept. 16th) $400-All Pay, or $200-Work-Share for season. Produce includes: salad mix and greens, cooking greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards), carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green/yellow beans, soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil, herbs, flowers and more!

(For any of you who have been in our CSA in years past, and have had a half share and wish to continue w. a full pay for a half-share, we can continue at the same share fee we used last summer which would be $275.00. )

You can read more here about our wonderful Traverse City based CSA Cooperative:…/sign-up-for-ok-csa-cooperative…

We offer On-line subscriptions:

You can also snail mail your membership w. a check to me, by private messaging me.

Likewise I can give answers to questions about our CSA offerings, via phone-call or email.

Lotsa’ embracing carrot love for you all,

`penny O’Krebiehl

[email protected]


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