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High Bio-nutrient Crop Production Workshop, Feb. 21-22nd

Food lovers, gardeners, farmers! Want to learn more about what it takes to grow a healthy, bio-nutrient rich carrot or other food crops? Or ways to better monitor and learn new ways to feed the soil that feeds the plants that we feed on? Or just what the health and quality of the fresh foods we purchase actually is?

JOIN US FOR A mighty, good winter-educational retreat:

February 21, 22, 2015, a 2-day soils course which focuses on growing healthy plants and eating bionutrient foods grown in our gardens/farms.  This workshop is being offered just south of Traverse City, at Baker’s Green Acres farm in Marion, Michigan. Pre-registration required and overnight accommodations available.

Register for the course here:

To make reservations for overnight stay, contact Jill Baker via their webpage:

This High Bionutrient Crop Production Workshop will be led by founder Dan Kitteridge of the Bionutrient Food Association. It is designed so that participants can learn the basic principals and practices of this form of biological and energetic farming and gardening.

Principals and practices to be covered:
~Identifying Deficiencies
~Principals of Biological
~Vital Health in the Field
~Managing Crops thru the Season

An introduction to High Bionutrient Crop Production was presented in December in both Ypsilanti, and in Northern MI at Baker’s Green Acres farm, with Dan Kittridge of the Bionutrient Food Association.

NOW, we offer the full-intensive/2-day course, Feb. 21-22nd, hosted again at the Baker’s farm in Marion, Michigan with Dan Kitteridge leading the course.

This event is cooperatively sponsored/announced by: Little Artshram, O’k CSA, Baker’s Green Acres and the Anyone Can Farm program….as well as other friends, and organizations in Michigan including AMPY, and Awareness Farms.

Please share widely, there is space for at least 20 participants and this is going to be a valuable means by which to set up food-growing networks statewide and to consider ways in which to push beyond sustainable practices to resiliency—-which is what our beloved planet home asks of us.

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