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HEY ho! O’k Drawing and Illustrating online classes return in October 2021 through Feb 2022…

It’s been a busy and productive garden growing, plant and human tending summer and as the days shorten I’m cleaning and organizing my studio back into a classroom and illustrating/production space—-from a garlic storage, seed sorting and garden farm office. 
I hope to be able to keep the Zoom class experiences and gathering space going and make good on facilitating and hosting creative making spaces through the fall and wintertime. 
With the continued concerns of our health and wellbeing and also utilizing the skills of techno land I’ve decided to stay put in my home place and continue the drawing and illustrating adventures. 

Another round of Monday evening drawing classes will begin on October for BIG folks– and— on Monday morning ORWednesday late afternoon for the little people with all levels and abilities welcomed. We are exercising our creative intelligence in these classes and they are serious and fun. So stay tuned for details, I’ll be sharing that info and posting real soon!