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Here we are: Crafty Sisters Shop 2020

THANKS to a combined effort of this, that and EVERYTHING, and with special thanks to my son, Zach who poured his focused, tech and web-page building energy into updating and creating this on-line shop for us. Thank you Zach!

We are ready to take your orders from the small-batch selection of goods and services that my sister Clarice and I can offer.

WOW—if I do say so myself, we have a great selection of practical, home-made items, as well as gift items and even an opportunity to join a drawing and illustration class in the New Year!

Check out our Crafty Sister’s Shop here:

Note on Shipping or Delivery:

All orders will be packaged and shipped via USPS in no more than 2 days once we receive your order.

Our Hand-dipped Beeswax candles are already a favorite and we suggest if you live in the Lansing area to plan for a message from us to contact Clarice and arrange for pick-up of candles from of her front porch.

If you live in the Traverse City area, you can do the same sort of pick-up with candles and any of our other offerings from my porch.

AND–we don’t mind mailing/shipping to you USPS, whether you’re local or not—considering the pandemic that’s still all over the place and if you need to stay quarantined. I don’t mind masking up and hopping on my bike for a trip to the Traverse City P.O.

We’ll be sure to give you directions etc, privately for your pick-up location once your order is placed.

O’k, that’s all for now! Thanks for checking out our Crafty Sister’s Shop!

This year’s Crafty Sister Combo: Clarice and Penny,
getting ready for winter that hasn’t quite arrived!