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Fun times! Winter 2022 Drawing and Illustration Fundamentals

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of drawing with a longtime artist.  

Register here:

You will learn a line-language and have fun. Here’s what a few folks have said about the Drawing and Illustration classes they participated in:

“A refreshing, mindful, and encouraging way to engage with mama nature (and other friends) through drawing practice! ”  ~K. Srdjak

“Above all things, Penny’s class was, to me, an invitation: a no-judgement, encouraging holding-open of the door into seeing the world more actively and being present with what is. At first, you might learn to feel and hear your pencil on paper as it connects you to a space with no expectations that nonetheless surprises and reciprocates. You might find yourself unlearning what you assume about the world around you and yourself. You will see the work of every artist differently and be gently reminded that the world is not about your ego. All this with the wise, kind, gentle patience of Penny, who finds something to appreciate in every attempt and who will have liberating advice for you. If you are “not an artist” or if you are, Penny’s class will encourage you to explore what it’s like to notice what’s alive for you in the world, and to be brave enough to reach out a hand and build new connections with your environment and yourself.”  ~L. Wayne

“Penny is a wonderful teacher who really helps awaken our creativity in a very supportive atmosphere.” ~Starhawk

Drawing and Illustration Fundamentals

For Older Youth and Adult age folks
Mondays, Beginning January 10, 17, 24, 31st
6 pm to 8 pm
$125.00, 4-classes, per person

Here’s a brief overview of the focus/lessons: Experimenting and doodling with new tools and supplies…Understanding perception of contour lines…Seeing the shape of an object and relationships…Understanding the perception of positive and negative….Looking at 1-2-3 dimension, horizon lines and overlapping in landscape…Perspective in portraits–understanding 3/4, front and profile view…Experimenting with texture, technique, light and shadow

A few of the many ways we may draw and illustrate: Sketching, doodling, brainstorming, learning line families and techniques, storyboarding, comics and caricatures, graphic recording and….

Materials and supplies we will experiment and practice with: Pencils! HB, 4B, 2B, Non-toxic markers, Colored pencils, Watercolors, Tracing paper, Drawing paper, Kneaded eraser,

What we will be drawing and illustrating: Everyday things, stories, people–portraits and caricatures, places–landscapes, things–still-life, and more…What do you want to draw and illustrate? Bring your ideas and inspirations.

These 4-week classes will continue, expanding on fundamentals, technique and subject matter…
February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28

Sign up for all three, four-week sessions at a discounted rate:
Adults: $300.00

Registration here:

Once you register for the class, I’ll send you instructions for how to join the class via Zoom, plus a weekly session outline. Each session will be recorded and made available for the student’s private use.