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Draw with me! Visual Note-taking and Graphic Recording On-line, 6 weeks, Wednesdays Jan. 19-Feb 23rd

This winter I’m offering a six week course, sharing what I’ve learned over the past 10 years as professional artist and designer through visual note-taking and graphic recording. This will be presented online in a small-group setting via Zoom each Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM EST, January 19th through February 23, 2022, with some private coaching sessions outside of group included.

In addition to reviewing five skills of perception, and the elements of art and design, this program focuses on developing three main skills:

~Drawing and sketching recognizable, specific objects, people, and words.

~Breaking down information and synthesizing important points and the hierarchy between them.

~Imagination! Choosing and developing visually strong metaphors for abstract concepts.

We will be exploring ideas for visual formats, thematic templates, pattern templates representing functions, and several basic tips on how-to draw out notes in a journal OR stand up and draw on a wall.

Visual Note-taking and Graphic recording, 6 Weekly Wednesday meetings, Jan. 19th through February 23, 6-8 pm, $200.00 for 6 sessions, plus 1-2 individual coaching sessions.

To register by December 31st, email contact: penny(a)tpennyokart(dot)com