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Cry a little bit every day

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and that gorgeous Grand Traverse Bay is sparkling a freshwater turquoise on this May morning.

I’ve been busy since the early hours, and my eyes are stinging, from finishing up the drawings for my “Chickens in the Garden” show. Listening to May Erlewine singing her tunes.

Some of this eye stinging is the preciousness of life business. My good dog, Marley is not laying here beside me. Shortly after her birthday celebration and the fundraiser….one week later and a brief illness, she died a good dog death in my O’k art studio.

This morning with all this sparkling beauty before me, my heart is broke open with appreciation for her longtime com

panionship to me, and to my now grown-up children.

And so with all that, and a little bit more, I’m crying a little bit today.