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`penny’s O’k Drawing and Illustration On-line Classes, begin January 2021…

I’m going to offer a series of on-line drawing and illustration classes, beginning in January 2021 for two age levels:  Kiddos—6 years and older and Not Kiddos—as in taller, adult age folks.  The class size will be limited to just a few people until I get the hang of doing this kind of online mentoring, and feel confident I’m meeting the needs of the participants.
Registration is OPEN for the first on-line O’k Drawing class of 2021, beginning on Monday,  January 18th, for Kiddos the class will take place from 10 am until 11 am, with a warm-up and cool-down time included; and for Not Kiddos we will be meeting in the evening from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  Each will run as a 4-week session, that you can continue to take, in session-intervals that continue over a period of time in 2021.
Here’s the registration page, just click on which age-level you wish to enroll in:
I will have all of the lessons recorded and also provide session outlines and pdf’s to follow along.  You can take the class for just one or two 4-week sessions, or pop in and out over the year. There will always be a 2-3 week break between sessions, and you won’t miss anything if you are in and out over time.
You are very welcome to come to this class as a new or returning drawing student. You don’t need to have taken a drawing class anywhere else before. I expect I will always have some brand new students in these 4-week sessions, and the classes will always have students with all levels of drawing skills. 
I’m including a bunch of different kinds of drawings and ideas, made with a  variety pens, pencils, watercolor, ink, colored pencil– that I’ve created so you can see some of the everyday things, stories, people and places that happen when I turn to my art language as a conversation.  
I’ll be using skills and techniques I’ve gathered from practicing sloppy-quick-sketching, more detailed pen and ink illustration, graphic recording and storyboarding and even ideas for daily journaling and creating our own comics and caricatures.
I hope this class will bring a little skill-building and a little fun into our wintertime and I’m looking forward to exploring and sharing.
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Summertime CSA in lovely, downtown Traverse City!

Join a great group of folks who have been learning the ways of growing our own food in a cooperative of downtown Traverse City neighborhood gardens!  Whether you would like to choose a workshare and join us in tending and harvesting—or simply stop by our weekly market stand and pick up your share we are welcoming new members in our 2018 Summer Share season.

Contact us soon!—The Season begins the first week of July!

SUMMER Share (12 weeks, July 5th – September 20th)
$400 Family size, 4 people, All pay, or $200 Work Share (25 hours, reg. scheduled)
$275 Half share, 2 people, All pay, or $137.50 Work Share (25 hours, reg. scheduled)

Includes Salad mix and greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green, yellow and soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil a plethora of herbs, flower bouquets, specialty garden-farm tea-mixes and occasional artwork!

PLUS, we put together fantastic potlucks and are the originators of “The Farmer and The Chef” dinners!  Look for announcements and invitations to join in on these community “foodie” gatherings this summer and fall!

You can read more about us on our Facebook O’K CSA page where post weekly garden-farm news and photos, or at our website where we offer online payment.

STOP BY and visit me at our DIGs Garden-Farm,
Pay online here: or Snail mail your membership payment to:

Penny Krebiehl 510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, MI 49684
Please make checks payable to Penny Krebiehl

THANKS for considering our sweet, little CSA as your source of local, fresh, and organically grown food!

[email protected]

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O’k CSA Cooperative, 2017 Fall Share Sign-up….

We still have lot’s of great food growing in our gardens, with a lot more succession planning/planting taking place out at our larger production garden at Realeyes Homestead. Greens, Roots, Squash & Pumpkins—along w. other O’k garden-farm-art perks. We have fun and it’s Very O’k! Please check out our Fall Share offering, details in the photo.

The Fall share is $200 single/$350 full, and will begin on Friday, October 6th through November 17th–this will be a 7 week share, with the O’k Art & Crafty Fair scheduled in December, over the weekend of Dec. 9-10th.

Come on and join our nifty-neato and O’k CSA!

`penny Krebiehl
[email protected]

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Traverse City’s O’k CSA Cooperative is Grow, Grow, Growing!

Need to join a wonderful and very O’k CSA? We invite you to join ours!

Spring Greens: 2017

I always make some kind of personal wish/intent at the beginning of each growing season, and this year in addition to devoting myself to growing really tasty lettuces for you all, I’m also delving deeper into Bee-land.  We are going to work at making sure each one of our garden-farms has an even MORE generous amount of bee-friendly plants flowering all season long!  Here’s a partial list of common plants we’ll be growing and what you’ll see some of these in the herb and flower bundles: Giant Hyssop, Cosmos, Sunflower, Mint, Four o’clock, Basil, Rosemary, Mullein, Zinnia, Borage, Cleome, Globe Thistle, Joe-pye weed, Bergamot, Sage, Thyme, Verbena and more…

AND, Here’s the info on our share offerings for 2017, which also will include an art-share now and then:

Summer CSA (12 weeks, June 23-Sept. 16th) $400-All Pay, or $200-Work-Share for season. Produce includes: salad mix and greens, cooking greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards), carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, potatoes, radish, green/yellow beans, soup beans, turnips, scallions, onions, garlic, basil, herbs, flowers and more!

(For any of you who have been in our CSA in years past, and have had a half share and wish to continue w. a full pay for a half-share, we can continue at the same share fee we used last summer which would be $275.00.)

You can read more here about our wonderful Traverse City based CSA Cooperative:…/sign-up-for-ok-csa-cooperative…/

We offer On-line subcriptions:

You can also snail mail your membership w. a check to:

Penny Krebiehl
510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Make checks payable to: Penny Krebiehl

Answers for questions? Give me a call or send me an email.

[email protected]


We’re happy to share our O’k CSA local news about becoming a local partner to a local organization:

Now folks searching for an awesome little CSA operation within the city limits of Traverse City will have a good chance of finding us PDQ via the Taste the Local Difference® publications and online sources.  TLD is Michigan’s local food marketing agency.  Now O’k CSA Cooperative is a partner with TLD, and likewise support the Michigan Good Food Charter and resolution seeking to have 20% of all food sold in Michigan come from Michigan farms and food businesses by 2020. Let’s ALL do this!

Here’s our little blurb in their “Find Farms & Food” section:  O’k CSA Cooperative

We feel happy, proud and a little special to be a part of this good work in the Great Lake State of Michigan!

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Join us for a 4-week Spring Garden-Farming & Permaculture Class

We are STILL announcing and inviting folks to register for the class: “Making your Bountiful Garden a Perennial Polyculture”, which officially begins next Wednesday, March 29th(soft opening this week) and will highlight 3 of our O’k CSA garden-farm sites in Traverse City: DIGs garden (510 Second St.), the Peace Patch garden (501 Seventh) and Realeyes Homestead (9775 Cherry Bend Rd.)

We are super proud of our on-going efforts to grow more garden-farms and garden-farmers within the city limits of Traverse City—our version of a local/local/local urban farming project!

I’m including and especially honoring our Peace Patch garden-farm at the corner of 7th and Oak, as our first neighborhood and community growing site, which has hosted our Friday market and many local/foodie/farming & permaculture gatherings for the past 5+ years.

Please help us share this opportunity. Gracias.

Check out our little green growing sprouts and Learn how the Peace Patch neighborhood garden came to be! Join us and learn the how-to’s of kickstarting a neighborhood garden-farm cooperative!

Making your Bountiful Garden a Plant Polyculture is a Spring Class, 4 weeks in length March 29th – April 19th, of hands-on learning; demonstrations and sharing tips on how to make your garden, over time, grow an abundance of annual and perennial food.

We’ve created a collective of garden-farm sites in many neighborhoods, focusing on improving the soil, planting a diversity of annual and perennial veg, fruit and herbs—and all with a focus on educating and bringing neighbors and community together in many ways! This has especially been true of our very first garden-farm site, our beloved Peace Patch garden!

With a little permaculture planning and design you can create a series of polyculture “patch” gardens that together create an incredible garden-farm that is brimming with resilience, diversity, and saving you time watering, weeding, and dealing with pests.

Much information and many examples will be shared: Annual and perennial food plants, perennial support plants, minimal competition and maximum cooperation, and how each plant/shrub/tree species are adapted to it’s little patch/niche.

Please read the following downloadable PDF titled “The Essence of Permaculture” before the class begins, attached below and also here:

Consider adding these books to your personal library:

  • Rosemary Morrow, Earth Users Guide to Permaculture
  • Toby Hemenway, Gaia’s Garden and/or The Permaculture City
  • Mary Reynolds, The Garden Awakening
  • Any questions, please feel free to contact me!

    Class size limited,
    4 Wednesdays March 29-April 19th, 6-8 pm

    Register in Advance–email [email protected]

    Class Location: 510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, Michigan

    With hands-on at our Peace Patch garden and at Realeyes Homestead garden!

    Fee: $100.00 or
    $50/and a Gift Exchange/Barter

    Presented by permaculture educator and O’k CSA garden-farmer
    penny Krebiehl

    Co-hosted by Little Artshram and O’k CSA

    To register contact:
    [email protected]

    Class info also on Facebook:

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    The Story of the Year of Chicken, Our Friend

    It’s been a very busy and full 12 years, since illustrating and creating the first “Year of Farm Bird” calendar. This time around, the “Chicken, Our Friend” song and story-line shifts into serious territory with a deeper focus of “It takes a flock…” as the calendar’s wisdom intention, and sincere message encouraging a new path for us all.

    2017 Year of Chicken, Our Friend calendar cover
    2017 Year of Chicken, Our Friend calendar cover





    Rooster-Chicken-Phoenix-Bird is a universal symbol of transformation, rebirth and eternity. Bird year is a time of practical endeavors, conscientiousness, hard work and discipline. It is also a time of expressing inner warmth and insight, a time for quietness and privacy with our flock of friends and loved ones. Whether individually or in community, planning ahead for protection and nourishment will lend itself to taking inevitable but wise risks, facing failure honestly, and moving onward to the path of humbling, beautiful success. This year we will be strongly asked to confront and deal with any stress along the way–not ignore it—-requiring application of creativity, organization and perseverance.

    Singing praise to Chicken, who like Dog is truly one of human’s best friends, we can take note of it’s remarkable physical structure—both muscular and skeletal—which allows for flight when necessary. Chickens are warm-blooded creatures, and have very strong hearts and efficient one-way breathing systems. Among other attributes, in the “permaculture world”, we feature the Chicken as a way in which to teach an important aspect of applying and understanding system design. By naming it’s intrinsic characteristics, products/needs…we begin the process of assessing a particular element, or thing, as in a chicken as one of our family friends, in a system, that together with other things, contributes to the whole. This is a good, simple, visual lesson in understanding relationship, how we are connected and what benefits or does not benefit the system and the role of the caretakers. Chicken graciously lends itself and takes a center stage role with a bit of righteous flamboyance and practical perseverance in this lesson.

    The Permaculture Chicken
    The Permaculture Chicken

    In 2017, Hens and Roosters alike, will remind us of choosing the directions of up and out—or freedom and expansion is also about love and justice. This path is for us any of us choosing to become authentic, transparent, humble, and sometimes vulnerable. We individually focus our intention and choose to do the hard work to become better human beings and trustworthy in the eyes of those around us. We can personally maintain, improve ourselves by practicing yoga, exercising daily, creating healthy routines and habits—especially working at strengthening our lungs and hearts. Both security and freedom are attainable when we take on self-health, pride and well-being.

    Frida/Diego September Chicken
    September Chicken

    Here’s a whopping paragraph of short sentence guidelines for flocks of all sorts in 2017 inspired by an excellent, essay by a permaculture practitioner and teacher Ben Weiss. This offering of words, for the smart, just and loving Chickens, suggest that collectively through structure, deepening and experience, we build our flocks/communities and deepen relationships with others by:

    Being clear about our values. Understanding oppression and empathizing with the oppressed. Understanding privilege. Recognizing privilege is the responsibility of the privileged. Understand environmental justice–the crossroads of environmentalism and social justice. Let go of intellectual superiority. Prepare to be invited. Get first-hand experience/make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t impose solutions. Withhold value judgements. Recognize personal and professional relationships. Prioritize the issues of the community. Address oppression issues before environmental issues. Have realistic expectations. When in Rome…Take some personal risks. Give gifts carefully. Be an ally & an advocate. Leave decision-making to the community. Train leaders from within the community. Channel the fire of the youth. Small victories are big victories. Know when to fold ‘em. Phase yourself out.

    The Fire-bird-Rooster-Chicken, instructs us to tend to our daily chores while following the guidelines and patterns of the conscious, community oriented flock. This Chicken year asks you to play it smart and safe, with thoughtful and protracted observation–a much, much, MUCH deeper, respectful understanding of your relationship with others. It is the flock, the community, that must ultimately lead.

    “When Chicken, our friend, governs, the people are hardly aware that she exists. Next best is the Chicken who is loved. Next, one who is feared. The worst is one who is despised.
    If you don’t trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.
    The Chicken our friend, doesn’t talk, she acts. When her work is done, the people say “Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!”
    -Tao Te Chicken-Ching

    Good Dog Marley and her Chicken friend, Pearl
    Good Dog Marley and her Chicken friend, Pearl

    Special Recognition and grateful thanks to the featured Chickens & Dog: Emmy Lou, Pearl, The Tree Sisters, Frida/Diego, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Josaphina, Hazel Crow, Johnny Bingo(who got away), Half n’ Half, Bonnie & Clyde, and Marley the Good Dog–friend of Pearl.
    Much Gratitude:

    Ben Weiss’s essay “Pattern Language for the Privileged”
    Justin Rhodes article: How Permaculture Chickens Could Revolutionize Your Entire Property

    and Harvey Ussery, author of The Small Scale Poultry Flock

    The 2017 Year of Chicken, Our Friend Calendar is illustrated, created and words gathered by ©`penny Krebiehl, 2005, 2016
    Available locally in Traverse City, Michigan,

    Contact: [email protected] Online ordering:

    Direct to online ordering of calendar with printed story HERE

    Sales of this calendar will support the artist-farmer who teaches and practices permaculture and garden-farms in North West Michigan.

    Thank you so much!

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    O’k Design and Graphic Facilitation & Recording

    Preview of “O'k Design  & GFR Logo 2016”














    This time of year, while the gardens are still keeping me busy, I send out a little reminder about what I do once the white stuff starts falling….I’m pleased to share information with you about my other life as a artist/designer/illustrator and my Graphic Facilitation and Visual Recording Services. Through the language of lines I create charts, graphs and maps: a form of visual note-taking.

    My drawing service provides:

    ~ Exercises for your brain! Which will improve understanding of what you wish to learn/design/implement—connecting verbal to visual material.

    ~ Helps you understand difficult terms/concepts better and filter out un-important details.

    ~ Directs and organizes the flow and relationships of shared discussions, new skills, and lessons you are trying to learn.

    ~ Visual note-taking and recording organizes thoughts, spots trends, illustrates patterns and allows you to see a natural picture of data you need to examine.

    FOR INFORMATION on bringing my drawing services and visual note-taking to your meeting, discussion or conference contact:

    [email protected]


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    The Monkey in the Garden and our 2016 O’k CSA Cooperative

    The monkey in me, likes to begin the growing season w. fond memories of the fun-fun-fun of the work-work-work of planting and tending a garden and growing food for myself and others!  While I may not be quite this flexible in 2016 as I was back in 2000, we still do our daily yoga in the gardens–once the snow takes leave!

    A GREAT way to join in on the fun-work is to support and/or join our Very O’k CSA Cooperative—a community supported group of garden-farms right in the Traverse City–city limits!

    And because of all of this monkey-bizness—the first five folks/families that sign up or renew their membership will also receive a “Year of Monkey” calendar that is coming hot of the press this week!

    Here’s this year’s CSA Share info for you to consider:
    And our on-line sign-up is here:

    Questions? You may contact me via email to set up a chat via phone: [email protected]

    Below, Chinese brush-sketch of Downward Monkey-Dog, © `penny Krebiehl 2016












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    O’k CSA Permaculture & Design: Winter 2016 Update


    It’s a good winter day for me to re-share this post on our very O’k work and study of permaculture.   The snow is falling, and today we are expecting 12 to 18 inches, and from the look of the color white outdoors this just may actually happen!  I live in “Snowland” and I like it!

    As I sit still and watch the sky and ground covered in white, I can share plans that are underway and that I’m involved with beginning in February and March and continuing throughout the year:

    As you may already know, O’k CSA is located in a small, urban-town setting in Traverse City, Michigan.  We are surrounded by a lovely, Northern Michigan, agriculturally rich-water-wonderland, and yes, we get blasts of lake-effect winter winds and storms from time to time.

    O’k CSA is in a “begin-again” mind and heart space, ready and willing to contribute to the re-learn and transformation of our home-place and neighborhoods with regenerative ecological, cultural, and economic stewardship ethics and practices.  As designers and garden-farmers, we feel hungry for living truths.  And, we feel this can be known by direct realization of our connectedness to all of nature, for which we are a part, not separate from.   One of the places we are focusing on and gathering in, to meet and learn more about permaculture is our neighborhood O’k CSA garden-farm sites.


    Another part of why we do permaculture and what it means is, at its’ simplest, permaculture is an eco-logical approach to design. It can be described as a way of thinking, making decisions and designing things based on observing nature. Permaculture has a set of ethics and design principles which can be applied to physical things – like landscapes or cities – as well as to invisible things – like business models, and our personal lives.

    To offer up a nice list of fall/early winter viewing, here is a shared list of favorite permaculture videos (partially complied by Jenny Pell and Permaculture Now):

    Geoff Lawton Greening the Desert
    Geoff Lawton turns dry desert near the Dead Sea into a food producing green landscape using water harvesting.

    Permaculture Water Harvesting
    Geoff Lawton founding Director of the Permaculture Research Institute talks about Permaculture Water Harvesting techniques, swales and sillways.

    David Holmgren on the Endurance of Suburbia
    David Holmgren speaks of his vision of a radically retrofitted, food producing suburbia.

    Homegrown Revolution Radical Change Taking Root
    A family living in Pasadena, CA shows how it is possible to grow your food in the middle of the city.

    Permaculture in Austria
    Austria’s Sepp Holzer transformed a fir farm into a commercially viable, ecologically sound farm.

    Dryland Permaculture Strategies – Part 1 & 2
    Bill Mollison speaks about Dryland Permaculture Systems.

    Bill Mollison Talks About his Garden (Global Gardener – Tropics)
    Bill Mollison gives us a tour of his garden and explains why living in a permaculture home puts one in the position to travel and teach others.

    Temperate permaculture pt 1 the global gardener
    Bill Mollison’s Global Gardener series on Temperate Climate

    NYC Gardens Urban Permaculture 1 (Bill Mollison – Global Gardener)
    Bill Mollison tours a few sustainable gardens in NYC

    Jean Pain – English – Part 1 & 2
    Jean Pain developed a compost based bio energy system that produced 100% of his energy needs.

    Claude William Genest on PBS
    Actor turned permaculturist interviewed on PBS during his run for Green Party Deputy Leader in Canada, speaking about Permaculture.

    Creating a Graywater System
    Trathen Heckman takes us on a step-by-step tour of how to make a safe, ecological and legal suburban home graywater system.

    Building a Composting Toilet
    A fun one minute video on building a simple composting toilet.

    Houses of straw – the rediscovery of strawbale building

    Sheet mulch garden
    This is a quick video on how to sheet mulch a garden bed.