O’k Drawing and Illustration On-line Classes, March 1st!

I’m going to offer a series of on-line drawing and illustration classes, beginning in March!
Registration will be open soon for the first on-line O’k Drawing class of 2017, March 1 to 22, 2017, which will run as a 4-week session, that you can continue to take, in session-intervals that continue over a period of time. You can take the class for just one or two 4-week sessions, or pop in and out over the years. There will always be a 2-3 week break between sessions, and you won’t miss anything if you are in and out over time.
You are very welcome to come to this class as a new drawing student. You don’t need to have taken a drawing class anywhere else before. I will always have some brand new students in all my 4-week sessions, and the classes will always have students with all levels of drawing skills. Many will consider themselves to be beginners in drawing.
Check back here for more information soon!
Or, contact me at [email protected]