O’k CSA’s annual Solstice Crafty Fair, Sat. Dec. 19th!

What do we share in our annual artsy-crafty fair?

Original art, crafts and Special Wonders!!!  Healing salves from the gardens, Solstice Swags and wreaths, Knitted goods,  Aprons, Kootie-Buster Tea, Paintings/Drawings and Greeting Cards, Hand-dipped, Beeswax Candles 6 to10 inch pairs, from $6.00 to $9.00 per pair. Lovely Solstice Swags, Year of Monkey Yoga Calendar and cards, and lotsa, really beautiful hand-knit goods!

Come share a cup of tea and a slice of Lemon Poppyseed Solstice Cake!

O’k Art Studio’s Annual Solstice Crafty Fair is NEXT weekend:

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 10 am to 4 pm

Where: O’k Art Studio (Penny’s little home-place)
510 1/2 Second St., Traverse City, MI

Brought to you by a couple of O’k and Pretty-Good, artsy-craft sisters: Clarice Krebiehl Gallimore and Penny Krebiehl



IMG_9651 IMG_9527


Hand-knit ModelsIMG_9647

Solstice Swags

Beeswax Candles


We are What We Eat--HP Series





Caricature and Illustrations for the Holiday Season

Penny O’Krebiehl is AVAILABLE for hire from Dec. 3rd, 2015, until January 10, 2016

Give the gift of humor! Hire a real, live and very O’k artist for your holiday party! Penny can create a special present for co-workers, office parties, a family portrait, group or individual caricature, or an illustration of one your favorite animals and loved one(s).

See more images on our O’k CSA Facebook page/event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/437417316453657/

Contact info:
[email protected]