O’k Art Studio CRAFTY FAIR, 5-days: Dec 19th-23rd














Annual Solstice-time—Shop Small and Stay Outta the Malls—sale and you’re invited!

This is a 5-day “Crafty Fair” from Dec. 19th – 23rd, with the Opening Party, Friday, December 19th @ 6 PM with snacks, solstice cake and music & singalong….PLUS a very nice and extremely O’k collection of Hand-made Crafts and Original Art:

* O’k CSA Garden Sketch art collection: Veg, Fruit & Flores w. gardener anecdotes on note cards, along w. beautiful hand-painted and framed prints!
* From the Gardens: Soothing, beautiful pots of healing salve and skin moisturizers—two to choose from: Nourishing Grapefruit & Calendula, and, Healing Vanilla/Ginger & Comfrey!
* Sexy Solstice Swags! Made w. dried herbs, flowers and greens from the O’k CSA garden farms. Each one has a special willow or red osier dogwood “heart-wand” to remind us of how much we appreciate and LOVE the Sun!
* Sister Clarice Krebiehl Gallimore’s knitted goods: hand warmers, neck scarfs, cowells, and more!
* Veg Aprons! On one of the few rainy days this summer we were inspired…..by garlic and other veg/flore in the gardens…and created one of a kind, hand-painted aprons. Each one is artistically rendered with Chinese brush, using permanent acrylic paint on good quality apron stock!
* Our special and locally famous, winter cure-all: Kootie Buster Tea!
* Caricatures and Portraits! On the spot caricatures and portraits during our Crafty Fair hours and w. some advance notice (give me a call to schedule a time if you wish). Individual black and white, 11 X 17 caricatures/illustrations take about 10-minutes depending in hair-style. Family portraits, group drawings, color illustrations take a little longer and will also require working from photos.
* Sneak peak and orders taken for the newest “Year of 2015” Feb 2015-Feb 2016 (Mid-west version of the Chinese New Year) calendar!
* Special early bird sign-up for the 2015 O’k CSA Cooperative, 12-week Summer/Early Fall Share…special price until January 1st!
* PLUS other little crafty what-nots and somethings that emerge from the O’k Art Studio ether!

One of the winter projects on the O’k Art Studio drawing board is to finalize the rough drafts of a three part permaculture and garden-farming curriculum for educators and children/youth, in story-book form. This “Crafty Fair” is an offering to invite you to help me and O’k CSA raise a few bucks to keep me at my drawing board and is a heart-felt and respectful request of continued support.

Adios, for now and hope to see you real soon!

Event info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1519064251677669/

O’k Art Studio in the Alley
514 Second St.
Traverse City, MI 49684

[email protected]


Early Bird sign-up for O’k CSA Co-op 2015!

Join our very O’k CSA CO-OP in 2015! It’s a great community of folks & food & fun!

For the upcoming 2015 summer season, O’k CSA is offering an “Early Bird” price, until January 31, 2015!

2-person 12 week share:  $200.00 (approximately $20-25 organic goodness, and occasional art, per week)

Family share (4 people) 12 wks: $350.00 (approximately $30-35 organic goodness and occasional art, per week)

Early Bird prices until Jan. 31st!

Sign-up on-line via Paypal here on our website: http://www.pennyokart.com/?product_cat=ok-csa-co-op-2015

OR, contact us via email/snail mail:

Make checks payable to:
Penny Krebiehl, O’k CSA
510 1/2 Second St.
Traverse City, MI 49684

[email protected]

O'k CSA Co-op Early Bird 2015