June 28th: O’k CSA & Market Season Opener… Potluck and Garden-Farm Bike Tour


O’k CSA invites you and your family to our 2013 kick-off and potluck celebrating 3 Gardens that contribute to our Friday Market and CSA! It’s a Ride your Bike and tour our gardens event!

June 28th, 5-8 pm, Join us at the Peace Patch garden on corner of 7th and Oak Street, to meet other share-members, and find out about this season’s CSA, and share food together!

After sharing in a potluck style meal, meeting this year’s LLOOFer crew and where we are with the wonderfully cool, late spring weather and our share-schedule, we’ll take a 45 minute 3 Garden Bike Tour beginning @ 6:45ish and returning to the Peace Patch garden afterwards.

Please join us for the potluck and the bike tour, or drop by and find out what O’k CSA is all about!

The O’k CSA neighborhood gardens are being planted with loving care and lotsa’ faith that all the plant starts and seedlings that have been growing in my O’k Studio and the Hobbit Greenhouse will serve us well.

This week and next—although a little late on our planting chart agenda because of the frosts and awaiting for the end of the school year and our lovely LLOOF crew to assemble—we are also welcoming the help of students in the permaculture teacher training in our gardens.

These gardens are truly serving multi-functions, as both food-growing spaces and educational-classroom and this makes our “yield” in these land-share spaces double and the input/output over the top! We are growing gardens and gardeners and educators who will mimic this market-garden system in other places! We are also energizing and inspiring these three neighborhoods with on-going, month after month, week after week, and day after day activities and human interaction in our urban landscapes!

That’s what we are charged to do when we work towards implementing permaculture systems—design in at least 3 functions for each element! AND to pass it on. Kerry, one of our enthusiastic and brilliant LLOOFers from last year is full-on working to start another community garden out on the pennisula!


More info about the LLOOF program and O’k CSA here: