APRIL FOOLishness Special…

Artists have to pay taxes too…well, they don’t have to…but this one does…

Help me prove the nay-sayers wrong–who say things like “Why don’t you get a REAL job?”….or, “It’s been 25 years, and I still don’t understand what you are doing for a living.”….or “You know how the saying goes: Once a starving artist, always a starving artist…”
AArrkkkss…my foolish feeling is that whoever is reading this blog, really needs a piece of o’K useful art….and I have just the item….The Year of Cow calendar—at a special APRIL FOOL two for one price!
So, I’m inviting you to go to my Etsy page….at…
….and contribute to the serious, ridiculous o’K art cause.  Thanks!

Since December, I’ve been re-viewing the i don’t know…

… and, part of my three month winter hibernation has been immersing myself in that re-invention, re-engineering, re-visiting place of what i’m doing and why and where.

The re-s are really big, including re-pair….this repair manifesto was on another blog called the re-play-ground, and i thought i’d spend a little time in my pre-earth day re-entry time of parade build and permaculture tea-times checking it out.
Up for other re-view, re-engineering and re-wiring:
  • my Little Artshram summer-work schedule
  • my home-place
  • my work-place
  • my precious time spent in meetings, meetings, meetings…..
  • my non-profit, no-profit bankrupt career
  • my true need to make art
  • my true need to wander in the woods
  • my way of annual and/or perennial gardening
  • my energy and intentions of being a mentor and teacher
  • my cranky shoulders, numb buttocks and achey back from computer company
I’m in agreement here:  
Stop recycling and start repairing.  
Well, okay then.