Art for Living 2013

HAPPY 2013 NEW YEAR of the Snake ‘n Worm!

Each year I spend a little time reconnecting to my Mid-Western-Chinese New Year roots and artistically study and design a “Year of….calendar.  Since I live in the lovely Great Lakes basin region, my experience and ability to properly research and study the traditional Chinese new year animals can be a challenge.  And this is why, the subjects that become featured illustrations in my “Year of…” art and designs, are a bit different in species-type.  They are chosen to reflect similar attributes, characteristics or behaviors as the Chinese animals, that we humans in the North West Michigan region and in other temperate climate regions, may take a story-telling lesson from.

In the next few weeks, and up until the official beginning of the New Year of the Snake n’ Worm in mid-February, I’ll be posting a new collection of “Art for Living” items that include 13 month calendars, note-cards and books, special Valentines focusing on and encouraging a love-affair with the good earth and all creatures who create the soil beneath our blessed feet; and also a beautiful set of plant-based artwork featuring my garden-farming “Hand Prints” illustrating the reality that we are what we eat.

More items will be posted soon and the Art for Living shop will remain open through 2013, and I’m pleased to offer this plethora of drawings, paintings, re-purposed,  and handmade creations to you.

Thank you for your consideration and checking out what I love to do and for checking out the photos of my creations. I appreciate any and all of the giving energy that supports my family and myself.  Gracias.  I’m really trying to keep to my O’k CSA motto of only offering unique, useful and utterly worth it stuff.

I apologize in advance, to some of you that may like to make purchases through the electronic world.  I don’t use paypal or any other on-line banking system, and only accept cash or Bay Bucks. I prefer money-order/cashier checks to a personal check.

If you are in town, give me a call and I’ll meet you at my studio and shop: 231-922-2014

For out of town purchases, available items are shipped within 24 hours, via US Post.  Shipping delivery times vary, but usually will arrive within 5 days or less of ship-date, depending on the weather.

To purchase any of these items, you may directly contact me:

[email protected] or, call  231-922-2014

I also accept snail mail through the US Post:

Penny O’Krebiehl
510 1/2 Second St.
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