About Penny O’Krebiehl

Influenced in childhood by Captain Kangaroo’s Magic Drawing Board, I began my “line-language” journey as an artist in kindergarten. In addition to mentorships and apprenticing opportunities as a self-learner, I went to LCC in Lansing, Michigan and have four years of training in Fine Art-painting, and Illustration and Design. I also have been trained as a Permaculture Design Consultant and certified as a Permaculture Teacher/Mentor.

Many of my colleagues come from art, environmental education, consulting and organizational and whole-system development, and the permaculture network spreading throughout the planet. I’m an artist that enjoys creating ecological, paradigm-shifting, designed systems on paper through mapping and pattern recognition–helping people navigate the confusing, complex world around us.

I love to teach and I love to learn. I aspire to be an honest, and a perfect, imperfect mentor. While I’m the happiest and healthiest if my work involves being outdoors, I also am a great organizer and communicator and able to do desk-work. I have the skill and reputation of being a “catalyst”, and have contributed to many local and regional for-profit and non-profit businesses spiraling into existence and successfully launching. People seek me out, and I’m happy to “share the gold in my pockets”. I believe in each one, teach one. I’m blessed to have a wide, supportive network of folks–having been born/raised, educated, and raising my children in Michigan. Likewise, I’ve worked and initiated many community projects and programs in Michigan: in the Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Traverse City areas, and love those places. I wish to contribute to this beautiful planet–moving through and finding solutions that serve us as humans beings devoted to living wisely and well–especially when it comes to how we are care-taking our home-place, our selves and also giving something back.


Drawing, pattern and line-language are my special specialities. I also “specialize” in sharing and celebrating common sense, imagination, have an ability to amaze myself and others with illustration and drawing skills, enjoy being a raiser of consciousness in regards to interdependence of all life–and, mostly approach life as a non-pretentious human, sometimes called “Tenacious P”.