About O’k CSA

The aim of O’k CSA is to explore and have fun sharing connections between art education, and the practice of ecological design and thinking.

O’k CSA is focused on creatively and intelligently, designing ways to live wisely and well, and that means not just learning the “HOW-to’s”, but also what it takes and then the doing of it. The focus of our work and passion is teaching, learning, experiencing, art, community garden-farming and ecological education.

O’k CSA’s garden-farms in Traverse City, Michigan, are located in and around the Central School neighborhood, w. 7 active garden-farm sites (approx. 2500 sq. ft of growing space) spread out within a 3-5 mile radius—-most are within a 5-9 minute bike ride, depending on traffic on Front Street and Hwy. 31.

Our primary goal is to GROW healthy, nutritious food nine months of the year in our temperate climate zone next to Lake Michigan; and to produce healthy, nutritional food to eat alongside of educational opportunities—developing permaculture and garden-farming skill-sets for others while we also utilize and benefit from those skills ourselves.

This includes applying hands-on learning experiences at our “garden-farm, land-share” sites where we not only re-learn and live our connection to nature, but also learn where our food comes from, how we grow it, harvest it and just what it REALLY means to feed ourselves and our families. We love the truth that “home” and/or the Earth is “our school”.

I’m working to raise funds to put in a small orchard, install drip irrigation systems in all the garden-farm sites, improve, feed and monitor soil and plant health, build a greenhouse and work-station/tool/supply building where we can also hold small classes and prep our CSA shares.

Contact info: Penny Krebiehl O’k CSA Cooperative, Traverse City, MI

We offer hand-made, local goods, fine-arts and beautiful and crafty, crafts. We are building a community network of garden-farms in Traverse City, empowering folks and whole neighborhoods to grow food not lawns, with an emphasis on soil not oil (As in what we use and care for in order to grow our food). We offer graphic facilitation and recording services, and also create O’k and Pretty Good art and Puppet Theater.

We ask ourselves, what can we remember and identify as a magnificent woven web through the shared practice and process of nature’s system and our internal, mind-mapping, creative human systems? How can we commit to design solutions by wandering and mingling with our wonder-filled, antennae tuned to remembering our deep connections to all of nature in our work and daily lives?

From a place of  more than 25 years of garden-farming experience; and formal, fine art, design, and permaculture study and practice, O’k CSA develops and teaches art and nature awareness based curricula and designs events and community-gatherings. O’k CSA serves individuals, businesses and organizations, in the Traverse City and North West Michigan area, and will accept a pretty good reason to travel further, on occasion.

Beyond the services, workshops and courses O’k CSA offers, and through our partnership with Little Artshram, and Continual University, we are devoted to doing our very best which means giving VERY O’k and MORE THAN Pretty Good service.

Plus, we love what we do.

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