2015 O’k CSA Shareholder Registration – PayPal/Credit Card

SUMMER 2015 O’k CSA Cooperative with our four, Traverse City O’k CSA garden-farm sites, AND, with Baker’s Green Acres and other local/regional organic farms.

The Summer CSA pick-up will take place at our Peace Patch garden-farm site at the corner of 7th and Oak St. in Traverse City, in early June and will continue through the season, EVERY Friday, 4-6 pm.

Please, choose becoming a Share-holder, fill out this form, submit your PayPal or Credit Card payment, and we will contact you with the appropriate information based on your choice of Share-holder membership.

Full-share  (based on family of 4), $425.00

Half-share (based on 2-people), $275.00

BOTH shares are for 12 weeks of fresh veg, fruit, herb and flower bouquets!

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