IMG_6336IMG_6332IMG_6298IMG_6367IMG_6373Preview of “O'k Art- Graphic Services 2014”Above are samples of wall charts or maps of group discussions I created for the Food and Farm Summit organized by the Michigan Land Use Institute in 2013.  This was an exciting and challenging recording adventure for me,  designed as a modified version of a “World Cafe” organization model.  Folks chose topic-tables to sit at, then with the help of a facilitator/note-taker who worked w. me recording conversations had limited time to brainstorm, then moved to another table/discussion in the “cafe”.

I came into this graphic recording job, with my paper roll, drawing tools and a very little bit of outline/prep shared with me by the designer/facilitator of the day-long event, and with consideration of conversations that included 120 people!

The targeted topics/goals of the 2013 Food and Farm Summit were to:

  • Articulate and celebrate successes for farmers in the NW Region and State of Michigan
  • Identify gaps in service, coverage, effort
  • Create an venue for active participation and a call to action.
  • Re-energize or build momentum on specific issues
  • Connect with people who can help, advise and fund projects/needs
  • Identify “do-able action” and find places “where I can fit in”

Above are 5 of the 12 wall charts/maps that were loosely outlined beforehand, and then drawn in real-time at the event, with a plethora of note-taking and bits of shared ideas/brainstorming coming from each of the 12 tables of attendees.  You can view this work at the MLUI office, on Front Street, Traverse City, Michigan.

FOR INFORMATION on bringing my drawing services and visual note-taking to your meeting, discussion or conference contact:    231-922-2014

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